Exclusive: NH School Employee Resigns Citing ‘Anti-White’ Critical Race Theory Staff Training

Daniel Concannon
Supplied to New Hampshire Union Leader by Daniel Concannon

Dan Concannon admits the resignation letter he emailed to the Manchester School District and Breitbart News is over the top and, as he described it, “bombastic” and even insulting. But Concannon said he felt justified after being asked to take part in critical race theory training.

Concannon told Breitbart News that he felt targeted by what he calls “anti-white” propaganda at the school.

“There was this intentional disrespect there because they’re the ones with absolute utter disrespect, not to mention hatred,” Concannon said.

His resignation letter also mocked the district for its policy to allow students in elementary school to choose their pronouns by signing off with a long list of pronouns.

“In closing, I wish the Trotsky disciples at MSD nothing but failure in their ongoing quest for civilizational degradation,” Concannon wrote. “I leave you with the only verbal response befitting any attempt at anti-white indoctrination: “F—k you.”

Concannon said he was attacked because of the color of his skin and decided to take a stand against the school’s embedding critical race theory into its training and policies.

“My primary goal with doing this is to, number one, make people call this, and recognize this, for what it is.” Concannon said. “And that first and foremost before anything else, it is anti-white. “

School officials, in response to Concannon’s resignation and local news coverage about it, said the training is not mandatory.

But Concannon took part in the virtual lessons that included sessions entitled “White Privilege,” “Cultural Compliance and Racial Bias,” “Youth Equity Stewardship, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

One session, “The New 3Rs” — taken from the old-school cliche about reading, writing and arithmetic — is based on a website by the same name as part of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy:

The New 3Rs unlocks civic and compassionate leadership at school, at home, and at work. We offer programs and resources to educate and empower children, parents, educators, and workplace leaders through a lens of racial justice and racial awareness.

The New 3Rs educates and empowers through the aRt of social justice storytelling, building Relationships, and fostering a sense of Responsibility. We are creating a more Civic and Compassionate Society — One Child at a Time.

Concannon had worked with the Manchester School District as a coordinator of an after school program for seven years.
“I loved the gig, loved my school, loved everything about it,” Concannon said.

…Until last March when the training sessions were announced. Concannon said he tried to complain to Human Resources and then filed a complaint against the school district.

Concannon told Breitbart News that he “knows for a fact” that he wasn’t the only one to be offended and express opposition to it.

The New Hampshire Union Leader wrote about Concannon and reaction to the development, including from a Manchester mayoral candidate:

A Manchester mayoral candidate is asking the city school board to release professional development and training materials for school staff that addresses the topics of “Whiteness,” “implicit bias,” “systemic racism,” and “cultural awareness”, after the coordinator of Northwest Elementary’s after-school program resigned Monday citing “white privilege training.”

Former school board member and alderman Rich Girard is also seeking the release of any and all curricular materials, teacher assignments or other classroom instruction materials regarding “race relations.”

“Our parents, students and taxpayers have a right to know what training the district is either requiring or ‘making available’ on a ‘voluntary’ basis to the staff,” said Girard in a statement.

Superintendent of School John Goldhardt also issued a statement calling Concannon’s letter “extremely inappropriate.” He said:

The complaint derived from a training session for staff designed to foster critical thinking about race. As we see debates on these issues on the state, local and national stages, I want to reiterate the values of our district, and emphasize that the words and actions of this former staff member are not reflective of the district as a whole.

I understand that some will agree with this former employee’s sentiments, and it’s important to underscore that the intent of this message is not to make those people feel unwelcome. Rather, the intent is to ensure that everyone knows they are welcome, safe and secure in Manchester schools. We remain squarely focused on equity and highly invested in the success of all of our students.

The newspaper said some school board members “briefly addressed” Concannon’s resignation at a Monday night meeting but then went on to introduce Tina Kim Philibotte, the school district’s new chief equity officer.

As for Concannon, he said he is not sure of his next move but said he feels mostly “joyful” for not only speaking out against Critical Race Theory but even giving up his job in protest.

“It’s not like I’ve had blinders on to the complete insanity that runs rampant in the society that we live in,” Concannon said. “And it’s always driven me crazy seeing these things happen and seeing good people … that just want to carry on about their lives grin and bear it, but do nothing while they’re browbeaten and taught to hate themselves.”

In another development in New Hampshire, Breitbart News reported more than half of the members of New Hampshire Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion resigned Tuesday, days after Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed a measure that bans teaching that individuals are inherently racist because of their skin color.

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