Watch: Kamala Harris Bursts into Laughter After Explaining ‘People Live in Every State’

The White House / YouTube

Vice President Kamala Harris burst into laughter during a speech at a community health center on Tuesday, after reminding Americans people lived in every state.

Wearing a mask, Harris spoke at the health center in Washington, DC, delivering a carefully choreographed teleprompter speech.

She urged more states to expand Medicaid, noting that she and President Joe Biden wanted to expand coverage to cover dental, vision, and hearing as part of his $3.5 trillion entitlement bill disguised as “infrastructure.”

“We also must work together to call on Congress to advance other components of our Build Back agenda. To expand Medicaid in every state … people live in every state.”

“People live in every state. That’s the logic,” she said, before bursting into laughter.

Harris said America’s seniors were “entitled” to hearing aid coverage, as the cost of the devices ran up to $1,000.

The vice president praised former President Lyndon B. Johnson for creating the idea of community health centers and promised to expand them.

“Sadly that war on poverty was short-lived, but there were some important components that lasted, including community health centers,” she said.


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