Brooks: Biden Immediately Reversing Trump Rules on Immigration Was ‘Open Door Signal’ and He Was Warned It Was Dangerous

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said that President Joe Biden has made the immigration system worse and that his immediate reversal of former President Donald Trump’s immigration rules was “a big open door signal.”

Brooks said Biden “inherited a gigantic mess that nobody has had the solution for. I think Biden did make it worse. And part of the problem was, they promised, on day one, they would reverse all the Trump rules. Reversing the Trump rules was a good idea. But doing it all at once, on day one, people in the transition, in the White House were warning about that. They were saying, we’ll be overwhelmed. It’ll be a big open door signal. And we don’t have the facilities to handle what’s about to hit us. And that turned out to be true. I think what bothers me…was, it seems to be arbitrary, like who gets sent where. It seems like it’s just like, who knows who’s being decided? There’s no methodology. There’s no procedure for a lot of people. And so, we’re just overwhelmed right now. And it’s disturbing that we’re overwhelmed after basically 40 years of this mess.”

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