CNN’s Stelter: FNC Joking that There’s a New Variant to Help Dems Win Elections ‘Craziness’

On Sunday, CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter weighed in on how the media should cover the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Stelter lamented that Fox News Channel pundits have been “making jokes” that there would be a new variant every two years ahead of elections to help the Democrats. He described it as “craziness” that will get “worse and worse.”

“[T]his is what makes news judgment so complicated and so interesting,” Stelter said. “Right now, from where I sit, we don’t know if Omicron should be the lead story or not. It is new, it is significant, but no one knows how significant.”

He later added, “Personally, I’m looking at some of the coverage from the right-wing media thinking if this variant is a real problem, it’s just going to deepen the divide. It’s going to make it even harder to talk to each other; it’s going to cause more hate and division. You know, because already on Fox, they’re making jokes there’s going to be a new variant every two years before the elections to help the Democrats. Like, it’s that kind of craziness that just gets worse and worse every time we hear about a new variant.”

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