Democrat Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Spotted Maskless as Health Officials Draft More ‘Permanent’ Mask Rules

FILE - In this Monday, July 1, 2019, file photo, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown speaks with the me
AP Photo/Sarah Zimmerman, File

Oregon’s Democrat Gov. Kate Brown (D) defied her own purported beliefs and was spotted maskless at a gala in Washington, DC, all while health officials in her own state work to craft more “permanent” mask rules for the public.

On Saturday, Brown attended the 30th anniversary of the LGBTQ Victory Fund as a “featured guest.” Her name is also listed as a LGBTQ Victory Hall of Fame Inductee, and, indeed, Brown attended the gala and happily posed maskless alongside two other individuals:

Brown has had one of the heaviest hands in terms of masking her state, as Oregon remained under an indoor mask mandate from May 2020 to June 2021. The maskless period was short-lived, as she reimplemented the indoor mask mandate in August while going a step further, introducing an outdoor mask mandate as well. While that was lifted shortly before Thanksgiving, the indoor mask mandate remains in place in Oregon and is not set to expire until February. That is why health officials are looking to form a more “permanent set” of rules for masking.

As Breitbart News detailed:

Oregon still has an indoor mask requirement in place, but it is set to expire in February. According to KGW, “Oregon health leaders wants to be able to switch to a permanent rule before then.”

“The permanent rule can still be ended once the COVID-19 pandemic recedes to a safe level, but it can remain in place indefinitely in the meantime and won’t expire prematurely while case numbers are still dangerously high,” the outlet reported.

The rule is expected to revealed in the coming weeks, followed by a public hearing in January.

Notably, Brown has repeatedly called on individuals to wear masks, as seen on social media.

“Wearing a mask is not a political statement. Wearing a mask is an act of kindness. Masks don’t just protect you, they protect everyone around you from COVID-19,” she said in August:

It remains unclear if Gov. Brown believes she acted in an unkind manner by forgoing the mask at the gala.


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