Joe Biden Teams Up with Jonas Brothers: A Cappella Group to Promote Coronavirus Vaccines and Boosters

Nick Jonas, from left, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, perform at the Bi
AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

President Joe Biden teamed up with the Jonas Brothers to promote coronavirus vaccines, as his White House team filmed him holding a phone to record the one-time superstar boy band singers.

The team employs modern TikTok trends from the Coney Island’s Finest video, such as shouting the word “Byron” when asked “Who’s the president?” and the “bing bong” catchphrase.

“Bing bong. Are you vaccinated?” one of the stars asks, popping up from behind a large Christmas card.

After the team’s video is finished, they look up at Biden and ask, “Did we get it?”

“We got it,” Biden says while holding a smartphone with a grin:

President Joe Biden appears in an instagram video with the Jonas Brothers (Instagram/@nickjonas).

Biden’s aides promoted the video as a big success, even sharing the script of the short film on social media:

Another Biden staffer quoted lyrics from the Jonas Brothers’ cover of the song “Year 3000” to celebrate:

Other Biden staffers quoted the Christmas movie Love Actually, reminding followers that “COVID is all around” during the holiday season and to schedule a booster shot as part of their “Holiday to-do list”:

The White House also filmed a video with the young Pentatonix a cappella group to promote vaccines.

“We can’t shout ‘get your booster’ from the rooftops of the White House, so we asked Pentatonix to do us one better,” the White House Instagram page read, as staffers shared the video:

The group sings the following lyrics:

Get your booster.
Just like a seat for a little kid
Just like the heat from a rocket ship
Sometimes all you need is a booster.

As Republicans capitalize big on the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” slogan to signal dissent for Biden’s presidency, Democrats are struggling to get the attention of the American people by using pop stars, memes, and trying to piggyback on Internet trends.

The Democrat super PAC American Bridge 21st Century recently filmed a pro-Biden ad using former Bachelorette contestants Mike Johnson, Matt Donald, and Luke Stone to explain to women voters what Biden has been doing for the country in his first year as president:


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