Donald Trump: Government ‘Must Be Reined In,’ People Must Have ‘Freedom to Decide Whether They Want to Be Vaccinated’

U.S. President Donald Trump leads a meeting with the White House Coronavirus Task Force an
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The federal government “must be reined in” and allow Americans to exercise the basic freedom to decide what to do with their body in terms of getting a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, former President Donald Trump said in a sharp statement Wednesday.

“The Biden Administration’s response to COVID is getting worse every day,” Trump began, quoting Biden, who suggested there is “no federal solution” to the pandemic despite vowing to get the virus under control in 2020, prior to taking office. Further, in December, the U.S. death toll for the virus surpassed Trump’s last 12 months in office, despite Biden being at the helm and the widespread availability of vaccines. Notably, during a presidential debate in October 2020, Biden asserted that “anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths” should “not remain as President of the United States of America.” The death toll stood around 220,000 at that time.

Trump continued, knocking Biden for federalizing the distribution of lifesaving coronavirus treatment — an issue Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has also brought to the forefront. Because of that, Trump continued, “red states are getting the short end of the stick.”
“In my administration, we respected the role of Governors to take care of their own states, and they could request antibodies and therapeutics depending on what they needed. That’s the way our Country is supposed to be run,” he continued, blasting the Biden administration’s outrageous attempts at overreach:
Now, there’s talk by the Biden Administration again about closing schools and even vaccine mandates for school children. This is an outrage, and MAGA nation should rise up and oppose this egregious federal government overreach. The Democrats are so incredibly mandate happy—there is discussion about a vaccine mandate for school kids this year in Detroit and other Democrat-run places.
Our administration did what they said could not be done—vaccines in record time.
“But we never issued mandates, and I never would!” Trump continued, asserting that “people should be able to choose how they want to govern their own health.”
“The federal government must be reined in and give the people back the freedom to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not,” Trump continued. “Joe Biden said he would never issue mandates, but he did it anyway like so many other things.”
Indeed, Biden has broken a number of promises related to the Chinese coronavirus, initially promoting just 100 days of masking and balking at the prospect of issuing a vaccine mandate, which he proudly did while scolding unvaccinated Americans in the process.

“No — I don’t think it should be mandatory,” Biden said on December 4, 2020. “I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory. But I will do everything in my power as President of the United States to encourage people to do the right thing and when they do it, demonstrate that it matters.”


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