‘Dangerous Propaganda’: Art Depicting Fauci, Biden’s Vaccine Mandates as Communist Dictators Appears in DC

Maher - White House Chief Medical Adviser on Covid-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci (C) looks on as US
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Political art depicting Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Biden as communist dictators appeared in Washington, DC, over the weekend, while the district began enforcing vaccine passports.

As Mayor Muriel Bowser’s (D) vaccine mandate went into effect Saturday, prohibiting the unvaccinated from entering gyms, drinking at coffee shops, and or dining at restaurants, political posters opposing the measure has begun to pop up around the city.

Overall, there appear to be four types of posters, the Washington Examiner reported, all depicting Fauci and Biden as dark, communist overlords holding hammers and needles in likeness to Stalin’s Soviet hammer and sickle.

“Trust the science,” one reads. Another, “Mandate! Segregate! Subjugate!”

Others say, “Comply,” and “Good Kids Are Compliant Kids.”

Not everyone appeared to appreciate the artwork despite its bohemian appearance.

A video depicts a woman ripping down the art while shouting the art is a “public health concern,” “dangerous propaganda” and “bullshit.”

Comments to the tweeted video and photos indicate there is strong support for the posters.

“Thank you for sharing the artist’s work, I also love their art,” a twitter account by the name of WillieFreeman said. “On a serious note, there’s a good chance that the artist of such work wishes to remain anonymous due to potential consequences in today’s society.”

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