Report: Kim Schrier’s Campaign Accepts 31k from Nancy Pelosi After Pledging Not To


Rep. Kim Schrier (D-WA), who as a candidate said she would not take campaign money from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and stated that the House needs “new, energized” leadership, voted to elect her as speaker twice and has since taken $31,000 in campaign contributions, a report stated.

Before Schrier was elected to Congress, the Democrat stressed the need for having “new, energized” leadership in the House, instead of Pelosi, who was minority leader at the time, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon.

A report from the Seattle Times indicated that Schrier tried to distance herself from Pelosi when the two attended the same 2018 campaign event in Washington. The report revealed that a Schrier spokesperson said Pelosi was at the event for someone else and that she was “not part of” it and was “not taking Nancy Pelosi’s money.”

The Free Beacon stated that months before the event, Schrier also said she would not support the then-minority leader as speaker and argued that the party leadership in the House “needs to reflect this new, energized, forward-thinking party” and “that probably means it’s not going to be Nancy Pelosi.”

However, ten days before the 2018 election, where Schrier was elected to office, she signed a letter praising Pelosi for her “effective leadership” and endorsed her for speaker. Three months into the Washington Democrat’s three-year tenure, Schrier reportedly accepted a $2,000 campaign contribution from Pelosi and has since taken in $31,000.

“Schrier’s campaign did not return a request for comment on its decision to accept Pelosi’s contributions and whether Schrier would vote for Pelosi as speaker should Democrats retain the House going into next year,” the Free Beacon stated.

In fact, while the Democrat is reportedly also trying to distance herself from then-candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 election, she touted his endorsement when she received one. Additionally, Schrier has acknowledged that the coronavirus stimulus bill, which her party championed and she voted for, led to inflation.

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