Nolte: Fauci Spreads Vaccine Misinformation on ‘Woke AF’ Podcast

Anthony Fauci
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Dr. Anthony Fauci emerged from his apparent State of the Union isolation long enough to spread vaccine misinformation on a podcast called Woke AF, which stands for Woke “as fuck.”

The podcast host, Danielle Moodie, asked the disgraced Fauci, “What do you say to the parents of children under the age of five, [who] aren’t able to get vaccinated, who, at this time, still feel like they are in a vulnerable spot because their children are not covered [vaccinated]?”

In response, Fauci went the full anti-science-misinformation route…. Here’s his full answer [emphasis added throughout]:

That’s an excellent question that so many parents are asking with children in that age group. And the answer to that is to do what you can to surround your children with people who are vaccinated and boosted. And when you’re in a vulnerable situation, to wear a mask. We’re trying now to get to a point where we don’t need to have masks on children. But we want to make sure the schools are safe.

We’ll pause there because that’s bad enough. Healthy children have almost nothing to fear from the China Flu. But, instead of relaying that fact, instead of bringing down the fear level, this monster is telling parents to segregate their children from anyone who is not vaccinated AND boosted. As far as the masks, more than a year of data from states without school mask mandates have proven just how stupid and cruel it is to force kids in masks.

Now we get to the straight-up misinformation:

And this is what I refer to as communal responsibility. There are many people, for a variety of reasons — many of them are politically, ah, I don’t mean motivated, but have a political tinge to it about not wanting to get vaccinated:  ‘I’ll worry about myself and I’ll take care of myself and I’ll take the risk.’ But when you’re dealing with a transmissible virus, you have a personal responsibility to yourself and to your family. But you also have a responsibility to society, because if you really want to make sure we put this virus, this outbreak, in the rearview mirror, we can make a contribution by not giving the virus the opportunity to circulate among us, and you do that by getting vaccinated. Nobody likes to mandate or require things. We call upon the spirit of the American people to be part of a society and communal effort to crush this virus.

Watch the critical part below…

Just so y’all know, I am pro-vaccine, as pro-vaccine as they come. I am vaccinated and boosted. I also credit the vaccine with saving my mother’s life, which is not something I say lightly. But Fauci is lying to Moodie and her audience. While the vaccine does decrease your chances of catching and transmitting the virus, in no way does it do what Fauci says it does, and he knows it.

The claim that getting vaccinated is “not giving the virus the opportunity to circulate among us” is misinformation, it is a lie.

I wish it were true. I really do. Nothing would make me happier than a vaccine that eradicates the virus. But whether you are vaccinated or not, you can both transmit and catch the virus. My mother was fully vaccinated. She caught the virus. Thank God she was vaccinated because that’s what the vaccine does: it lessens your chance of ending up in the hospital or morgue. And that should be good enough, but charlatans like Fauci constantly undermine confidence in the vaccine by overselling it.

Why is he going on these kinds of podcasts to lie like this? Why would he do this? Even though he knows it’s not true, does he get off telling the black community to segregate their kids from the unvaccinated AND unboosted and lying to them about how the vaccine eradicates the virus?

What a villain.

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