Exclusive — Moms for America’s Kimberly Fletcher: We Joined the Truckers to Protest ‘Draconian Mentality’ of the Left

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

Moms for America has joined the People’s Convoy of semitruck drivers — and debuted their own pro-liberty truck — in what founder Kimberly Fletcher says is a protest against coronavirus mandates and vaccines, as well as the “draconian mentality” embraced by the left.

Speaking to Breitbart News during an exclusive interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Fletcher discussed the group’s decision to join the freedom trucker movement, the People’s Convoy, to send a “strong message of freedom.”

During the four-day conference, the group launched their “big rig” — a  “purple truck with a Statue of Liberty and Constitution and big Moms for America logo on it.” From there it headed west to meet with the team coming from Barstow, ultimately traveling to D.C. She told Breitbart News that the truck driver is actually a mom as well.

Americans’ thoughts are in support of the truckers, she said, “because half of the donations that went to the Canadian truckers came from Americans. So I think they’re down here going, ‘Yes yes, please keep doing that because we don’t want this to happen here.'”

The truck was inspired by what is going on in classrooms, Fletcher explained, noting it is “not even just the mask or vaccine.”

“It’s what’s happening in our classrooms — this draconian mentality from the White House to the school board, and we’ve been facing this in our communities for several years, but now moms are starting to realize. As I’ve said for the last 16 years, the moment moms find out what’s going on in the classroom behind closed doors, there’s going to be a national revolt, and that’s what’s happening,” she said.

“And the message of our truck is, they are our kids. These are our freedoms. You serve us, we don’t serve you, and that’s a message that resonates with the American people,” she added.

One of the issues, in addition to masks in schools, is Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Fletcher said it is crucial that people understand “exactly what it is that we’re dealing with.”

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

“Critical Race Theory is part of ‘social emotional learning’ that teacher unions are pushing, and the whole idea is to teach children to hate their country, hate their neighbors, hate themselves, and be disconnected from their parents,” she said, adding that it is “creating race problems” by dividing children. It also includes aspects of the LGBT movement and the transgender agenda, she continued.

“Everything that parents would repel is being pushed from kindergarten to 12th grade and parents don’t like it,” she said. “And so that’s why they started going to the school boards, and then they get called domestic terrorists, and so we’re like no.”

“So this truck that’s going across the country is a clear message that, again, these are our kids, we will come to the school board meetings, we will protect and defend our children,” she said. “And if that makes us domestic terrorists, well then, we have an awful lot of founding fathers who were domestic terrorists.”


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