Joe Biden Blames Vladimir Putin for Historic Food Price Inflation

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images, AP, BNN Edit

President Joe Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday of being responsible for increasing food prices as well as rising oil prices.

“Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world,” Biden said, referring to Russia’s escalation of the war in Ukraine.

The president spoke about Putin during a White House speech celebrating the latest jobs numbers report, showing an additional 431,00 jobs created in March.

“Our policies are working. And we’re getting results for the American people which is what it’s all about, to state the obvious,” he said.

In the past month, Biden has repeatedly blamed Putin for the rise in gas prices, branding the higher costs as “Putin’s price hike.” But on Friday he blamed the Russian president for rising food prices as well.

Food price inflation was already at record levels before Putin escalated his war in Ukraine in February.

Biden acknowledged more had to be done to reduce the cost of goods. “We need to do more to get prices under control,” he said.

The president did not offer a plan on Friday to reduce food costs, but again proposed raising taxes on American billionaires to raise $360 billion in government revenue that could be redistributed to lower-income families.

“I’m asking you one simple question — just pay your fair share,” he said.

Last week, Biden told reporters that the world should expect “real” food shortages as a consequence of Putin’s invasion. He also acknowledged that the sanctions leveled on the Russian economy in response to Putin’s war in Ukraine were hurting Americans.

The president concluded his speech at the White House without taking additional questions about inflation.


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