Watch–‘They/Them’ Parkland Survivor X González Issues Profanity-Laced Gun Control Rant: ‘Pass Some F***ing Gun Laws’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Parkland shooting survivor “X” González (formerly known as Emma) issued a profanity-laced gun control rant at the D.C. March for Our Lives event on Saturday.

Touting her non-binary status, González began her speech by declaring her pronouns are “they/them” before scolding Congress for not passing gun control laws.

“Happy pride!” she exclaimed to the adoring fans.

After explaining how she no longer wishes to put up a nice front by avoiding profanity, she then dropped more than a few F-bombs.

“I have reached my fucking limit,” she said. “I am not going to hold myself back anymore for the sake of somebody else’s fragile ego.”

Most of González’s speech centered on Congress failing to pass her desired gun laws in the four years since the Parkland shooting. At one point, she brought transgenderism into the mix.

“You say that queer and trans identities are immoral for children,” she said. “But somehow conversations about what to do when a white supremacist terrorist inevitably tries to kill us, are moral.”

González even brought ageism into the equation.

“You say that children are the future and you never fucking listen to what we say once we’re old enough to disagree with you, you decaying degenerates,” she said.

“You really want to protect children? Pass some fucking gun laws,” she screamed.

González’s constant stream of F-bombs flowed so freely that at one point she claimed she was “trying not to curse” before going on to curse some more.


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