Melt Down: Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin Implodes When Pressed by Michigan News Anchor on Residing in Lobbyist’s Home

Vulnerable Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-08) imploded during a television debate when a Michigan news anchor pressed her about the recent bombshell report revealing she resides in an apartment owned by a “lobbyist” and campaign donor, who is also registered — with his family — to vote at the same address and works for a company receiving tens of million in government funding.

WDIV-TV held a television debate on Sunday between Slotkin and her Republican opponent state Sen. Tom Barrett. The anchor in charge of asking questions brought up the recent report that revealed Slotkin moved into a residence owned by Jerry Hollister, an executive at a Lansing-based company that received tens of millions in federal funding and has donated to her campaign.

Hollister’s LinkedIn stated that he is in charge of “developing Congres[s]ional relationships” at the Lansing-based company. Additionally, he and his family are registered to vote at the same address where Slotkin now resides.

However, when asked, Slotkin, trying to defend herself, blew up, claiming that the attacks on her were “political desperation” since she claimed to be paying fair market value. Barrett also took a chance to attack the Democrats by saying there were over 1,500 available apartments in Lansing, Michigan, but Slotkin lives in the one owned by the executive who donates to her campaign.


Rep. Elissa Sloktin: This is honestly, this is like — the political desperation. I rent at fair market value. I’ve shown my lease. He is someone who is renting his apartment. He is my landlord, and I think the thing that has really pushed me is that Tom Barrett has insinuated that I’m living with this man. If you believe I’m living with a man who is not my husband in the same apartment — just say it, man! Like, just come out. But I think that there is a push here that is beyond the normal. The idea that he is in government relations — 100 percent, I don’t challenge that. He’s a Michigan manufacturing company guy, but the idea that somehow there’s something bad going on — if I weren’t paying rent, that’d be one thing, but I’m paying fair market rent.

State Sen. Tom Barrett: I will say, look at this idea that somebody is living with the lobbyist when there are 1,513 available apartments in Lansing, Michigan, as of today.

Anchor: Do you really think she is living with a lobbyist

Slotkin: My husband and I would like to talk to you about that for insinuating that I’m living with another man.

Barrett: She claims that she is living in the residence owned by a lobbyist where he is also registered to vote. I don’t know the circumstances of that arrangement, but I am saying it is improper for a member of Congress to be living in a residence owned by a lobbyist where they are both registered to vote.

As the Democrat called this specific attack on her “political desperation” earlier this year, she attempted to attack Barrett for training with the Army. Slotkin posted a maskless selfie while everyone else was masked; she claimed her Republican opponent made the hypocritical picture go “viral,” but he was actually at training.

Additionally, an internal poll conducted in June showed Barrett in the lead when facing Slotkin. Barrett led the incumbent 46.1 percent to 44.6 percent, with 10.3 percent undecided. However, the poll noted that Slotkin is sitting at under 50 percent on the ballot, which is the worst level since she won the seat in 2018, even though she has nearly 100 percent name recognition.

The two will face off on November 8 in the midterm elections.

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