Donald Trump Predicts Republicans Will Have ‘Epic Victory’ in Midterm Elections

Former US President Donald Trump looks to the audience before speaking during a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US, on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022. Trump used a Pennsylvania rally to vent his anger at an FBI search of his Florida home and President Joe Bidens attack on political extremism, staking his …
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Former President Donald Trump predicted Republicans would have an “epic victory” in the midterm elections during his rally in Vandalia, Ohio.

On the eve of Election Day, Trump said, “the first step to saving America is winning an epic victory for Republicans tomorrow.”

He also acknowledged that the Democrats, under the one-party rule in Washington, DC, have destroyed the country by raising taxes and causing skyrocketing inflation.

Trump also noted that Republican J.D. Vance, whom the former president endorsed for the U.S. Senate, would win on Election Day and become the next senator from the “great state of Ohio.”

AP Photo/Joe Maiorana, File

Senate candidate J.D. Vance greets former President Donald Trump at a rally at the Delaware County Fairground, April 23, 2022, in Delaware, Ohio, to endorse Republican candidates ahead of the Ohio primary on May 3. (AP Photo/Joe Maiorana, File)

“He’s smart. He’s tough,” Trump added. “J.D. will fight for Ohio with every bone in his body as a native of your state who has personally witnessed the lynching of Ohio jobs and the devastation of Ohio communities.”

“J.D. knows how important it is to have leaders who put America first and put Ohio first. He wants to put America first,” Trump continued.

After almost two years of campaigning, analysts had recently predicted the election could be terrible for the one-party hold over Washington, DC, meaning Republicans could end the Democrats’ one-party rule in the nation’s capitol by regaining the majority in the United States House and potentially the Senate.

In fact, the final Rasmussen Reports generic ballot from last Friday showed that the Republicans were leading the ballot by five points, the same generic ballot a GOP candidate has led all year. Rasmussen showed that of the 2,500 likely voters who responded to the poll, 48 percent said they would vote for the Republican candidate, while only 43 percent said the Democrat candidate.

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