Cruz: We’re Going to Investigate Censorship Across All of Tech Using Twitter Files as a Guide

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated that he will, in his role as Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Committee, investigate censorship at Google, Facebook, and TikTok using the Twitter files as a guide.

Cruz said, “[I]n my role as Ranking Member of the Commerce Committee, today, I launched a full investigation into big tech censorship, where we are going to take the Twitter files, we’re going to take what Elon Musk has made public and use that as a roadmap to go after Facebook, to go after Google, to go after YouTube, to go after TikTok, to go after all of big tech that is trying to silence conservatives. And we are going to bring accountability, we’re going to bring transparency, we’re going to shine a light and expose their collusion with Democrats and the deep state to try to silence conservatives.”

He added, “We look at, in the 2020 election, big tech went all in trying to defeat Donald Trump, trying to give what was, in effect, billions of dollars of an in-kind donation to Joe Biden, suppressing the Hunter Biden story, even though it was true, because it would hurt the candidate they were supporting. … I’ve got to say, it’s fundamentally corrupt. I believe big tech censorship is the single greatest threat to free speech in America and it’s the single greatest threat to free and fair elections. And the reason it has gone on so long is because it’s been in darkness and the objective of this investigation that I launched today is to bring sunlight and transparency and to expose what they’re doing and hold them accountable.”

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