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Report: Ukraine Intelligence Coordinated with FBI to Censor Americans on Social Media

A new report from the House Judiciary Committee indicates that an effort against “Russian disinformation” on social media platforms, spearheaded by the FBI and Ukrainian intelligence officials, resulted in the censorship of Americans’ accounts. In one case, the FBI and Ukrainian intelligence effort flagged  an account run by the U.S. State Department for censorship, but it was ultimately not taken down.

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Alex Berenson: Twitter Believed It Would Likely Lose His Censorship Case

Twitter believed it had a less than 50 percent chance of winning a censorship lawsuit brought against the company by journalist Alex Berenson, who was banned (and later reinstated) by the platform for flouting official narratives on coronavirus. Berenson recently published internal communications that show the company worried about its censorship policies.

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Twitter Files: The ‘Great Covid-19 Lie Machine’ Worked to Censor ‘True Stories’

In the latest Twitter Files report published on Friday, journalist and author Matt Taibbi revealed that Twitter partnered with the Virality Project, which warned the social media platform that “true stories that could fuel hesitancy,” complained that “anti-vaccine” accounts were retweeting the CDC, and ironically ran searches for the term “surveillance state” while looking for more information to censor.

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 14: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of A