Fulton County Grand Jury Forewoman Admits ‘I Told My Boyfriend’ About Proceedings

former President Donald Trump, jury foreman Emily Kohrs (inset)
AFP, MSNBC screenshot

Fulton County grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs admitted in a recent interview that she told her boyfriend about the proceedings from a recent Georgia case revolving around former President Donald Trump and the 2020 election.

“I told my boyfriend at one point during proceeding, during all this, I came home and I told him,” Kohrs told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “Do you know that if I was in a room with Donald Trump and Joseph Biden and they knew who I was, they would both want to speak to me.”

Kohrs was referring to the special grand jury’s work after serving as the leader of the 23-person special grand jury, which had met behind closed doors from May 2022 to January 2023 to hear testimonies from 75 witnesses. Her identity was unveiled early Tuesday before the interview.

She was also the first person from the 23-person special grand jury to speak out.

“It’s not a short list,” the north Fulton resident told the AJC about the list of 75 witnesses. While she declined to say who the special grand jury suggested charging, she noted, “You’re not going to be shocked.”

As noted by the AJC, five pages of their final report were released last week. The information included that at least one of the witnesses was believed to have lied under oath in their testimony.

“There may be parts of it that you did not expect, but I don’t believe that the season finale will have any major plot twists, you know what I mean?” Kohrs noted in her interview.

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