Joe Biden’s Former Assistant Kathy Chung to Comply with House Oversight Committee’s Probe

Family members gather for a road naming ceremony with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, centr
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President Joe Biden’s former executive assistant Kathy Chung is scheduled on April 4 to sit for a requested transcribed interview with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family business and Joe Biden’s classified document scandal, the committee confirmed Thursday to Breitbart News.

Chung, Biden’s assistant when he was vice president, was hired to the post after a recommendation from Hunter Biden. Chung appears in numerous email threads on Hunter’s “laptop from hell,” including Hunter’s correspondence to Chung about being hired as Joe Biden’s assistant.

“Thanks for calling and thinking of me,” Chung responded to Hunter on May 14, 2012. “After the initial shock of taking in what you said…how could I pass up an opportunity to work for the Vice President of the United State!!!! I do have a few questions … Do you know the salary? Again, thanks for thinking of me.”

“Call if/when you want me to tell Dad you are interested and I’m sure Michele would also want to talk to you at some point,” Hunter wrote back. “I don’t know who else they were considering but I thought you would be great.”

On June 13, 2012, Hunter received a thank you note from Chung. “I cannot thank you enough for thinking about me and walking me thru this,” she said. “What an incredible opportunity! Thanks, Hunter!!”

As Breitbart News reported, Hunter and Chung remained in close contact over the course of Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president. Their correspondence included arranging Biden family business meetings with Chinese partners, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, and notably the former University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann. The University of Pennsylvania is the institution that hosts the Penn Biden Center and where the first trove of stashed classified documents was disclosed.

Carlos Slim Helu speaks onstage at The New York Times New Work Summit on February 29, 2016 in Half Moon Bay, California. He was the wealthiest person in the world from 2010-2013, according to Forbes. (Kimberly White/Getty Images for New York Times)

Current Biden administration officials appear to blame Chung for mishandling Biden’s classified documents upon packing then-Vice President Joe Biden’s papers for relocation at the Penn Biden Center. In January, Chung was reportedly questioned by law enforcement about the scandal.

Chung’s relationship with Hunter included close contact with Hunter’s business partner. Hunter and his partner, Eric Schwerin of Rosemont Seneca, even offered her a job at their firm.

According to the New York Post, Chung was included in one family business meeting between Schwerin and Joe Biden at the White House in 2013. White House visitor logs show Schwerin met with Joe Biden at the White House on numerous occasions.

Schwerin was expected in February to “soon” provide documents to the House Oversight Committee for their investigation of the Biden family into nine violations, including money laundering and wire fraud, a spokesperson for the committee told Breitbart News. In 2019, Hunter plotted to betray Schwerin amid their crumbling relationship, built upon an off-the-books business arrangement, text messages obtained by Breitbart News from Hunter’s laptop reveal.

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