Report: Biden Family Confidant Kathy Chung Questioned by Law Enforcement About Classified Docs 

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

President Joe Biden’s former executive assistant Kathy Chung, hired to the post on Hunter’s recommendation, was reportedly questioned by law enforcement in relation to the classified documents stashed in three separate locations.

Chung, who currently serves as deputy director of protocol for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, was questioned by law enforcement for her role in packing then-Vice President Joe Biden’s documents in January 2017, NBC News reported.

Chung’s employment as Joe Biden’s assistant was in part due to Hunter, who recommended his father hire her, according to Hunter’s laptop emails. Previously working as former Sen. Mark Udall’s scheduler, Chung replaced Michele Smith in the position.

“Thanks for calling and thinking of me,” Chung responded to Hunter on May 14, 2012. “After the initial shock of taking in what you said…how could I pass up an opportunity to work for the Vice President of the United State!!!! I do have a few questions. What is Michelle’s primary job? I think I know what the job would entail, minus the scheduling part, which is a huge part of what I do now. But what would be my top 3 – 5 responsibilities be in the office? Do you know the salary? Again, thanks for thinking of me.”

“Call if/when you want me to tell Dad you are interested and I’m sure Michele would also want to talk to you at some point,” Hunter added. “I don’t know who else they were considering but I thought you would be great.”

On June 13, 2012, Chung emailed Hunter to thank him for the position. “I cannot thank you enough for thinking about me and walking me thru this,” she said. “What an incredible opportunity! Thanks, Hunter!!”

Hunter and Chung remained in close contact over the course of Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president. Their correspondence included arranging Biden family business meetings between Chinese President Xi Jinping, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, and notably the former University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, who Joe Biden later picked as U.S. ambassador to Germany.

The University of Pennsylvania is the entity that hosts the Penn Biden Center and where the first trove of stashed classified documents was disclosed.

Chung’s relationship with Hunter was so close that Hunter even offered her a job with him and his business partner Eric Schwerin at their firm Rosemont Seneca. Hunter and Schwerin met with Joe Biden at the White House on numerous occasions.

According to the Daily Mail, Schwerin had personal access to an account owned by Joe, depositing a tax refund check into it and purportedly sending money from that account to Hunter. Joe Biden and Hunter shared bank accounts. At least 150 of Hunter’s bank transactions have been flagged by U.S. banks as suspicious.

On Thursday, Rep. Mark Green (R-FL), chair of Homeland Security, demanded “a forensic analysis on everybody” who had access to Penn Biden Center and Joe Biden’s residence. Classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s garage.

Joe Biden admitted in 2016 that Hunter had access to his father’s garage. Moreover, Hunter owned Joe Biden’s residence in 2018, according to a document unearthed by New York Post’s Miranda Devine on Thursday.

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