Anti-Capitalist Meme About Chicken Sandwiches Fails Miserably

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A meme that supposedly wanted to repudiate capitalism appeared to have failed miserably by proving the exact opposite of what it intended.

The meme went viral throughout the week when some left-wing accounts began to share it as a knock against capitalism by allegedly showing that competition leads to conformity and sameness. Take a look:

People, especially conservatives, fired back by saying that the feature of 12 different fried chicken sandwiches from various restaurants leads to an abundance of food so that people do not go hungry.

“The claim here is that capitalism delivers food…” tweeted billionaire entrepreneur Marc Andreessen.

A meme apparently intended to criticize capitalism resurfaced this week and was met with intense criticism from conservatives, many of whom pointed out that it actually reinforces the benefits of capitalism: abundance, diversity of choice, competition, and prosperity.

The meme, pictured in the Tweet below, reads: “‘Capitalism breeds innovation'” then under “Capitalism:” it features 12 different fried chicken sandwiches offered by America’s various fast food chains. The chains included Popeyes, Carl’s Jr., Zaxby’s, Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Church’s, KFC, Burger King, Jack, Wendy’s McDonald’s, and Arby’s.

Marc Andreessen, a billionaire entrepreneur tweeted, “The claim here is that capitalism delivers food…”

“These champagne socialists really show how out of touch they are with asinine memes like these. #Theleftcantmeme,” conservative movie critic Jacob Airey tweeted.

“DELICIOUS FOOD WIDELY AVAILABLE Capitalism Blamed,” tweeted Jim Treacher.

“Imagine telling anyone who lived under communism how hard your life is because you have 12 chicken sandwich options,” tweeted the Libertarian Party of California.

“How many chicken sandwich options did the Ukrainians have during the Holodomor?” Daily Caller editor Grayson Quay tweeted.




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