GWU Anti-Israel Protesters Call to ‘Liberate’ World from ‘Colonialism, White Supremacy’ as U.S. Flag Replaced with Palestinian One

After replacing the elite school’s American flag with a Palestinian one, anti-Israel activists at George Washington University called to “liberate” the world from “colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, and Zionism,” as pro-Palestinian activists on college campuses continue to reveal the true agenda behind the spreading demonstrations.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES - 2024/05/04: Students wrap Palestinian fl

Far-Left Nation Debates Whether U.S. Should Abolish or ‘Decolonize’ Thanksgiving: Americans Can ‘Give Thanks by Giving Land Back’

The Nation is honoring this year’s Thanksgiving by featuring a debate over whether America should keep celebrating the national holiday or not. One side is claiming it is “steeped in colonialism, violence, and misrepresentation” and needs to be “decolonized,” while the other goes further, describing Thanksgiving as a “lie” that should be completely abolished and replaced with a “Truthsgiving,” where Americans can “give thanks by… giving land back.” 

Original Caption) Postcard has a turkey on a shield with the American flag on it and reads

Teen Vogue Urges Gen Z to Mobilize, Build ‘Socialist Future’: ‘No Future Under Capitalism’

Teen Vogue urged its young readers in a recent online publication to “mobilize toward building a socialist future” and “shift the tide in favor of socialism,” describing it as “the only system that will guarantee us a livable planet and life unburdened from economic exploitation, crushing debt, and racial castes,” while claiming, “there is no future for us under capitalism.”

Democratic Socialists of America counter protesters hold signs and flags as they march, pr