Exclusive — Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Democrats Afraid Donald Trump Will Take Out ‘Corruption’ if He Wins in 2024

In this April 21, 2017, file photo, President Donald Trump poses for a portrait in the Ova
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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) told Breitbart News Saturday that, in the context of the Donald Trump indictment, Democrats are afraid he will enter the Oval Office again because he will “let the truth ring out” and take down corruption in D.C.

Van Drew, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, spoke to Breitbart News Saturday host and Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle as a New York grand jury decided to indict Donald Trump, making him the first former president to face criminal charges. Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, indirectly received financing from leftist billionaire George Soros. Soros donated $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which then donated to Bragg’s candidacy.

Van Drew, a former Democrat who quit the party due to impeachment against Donald Trump, said that the Democrats are afraid of what Trump may do should he get reelected in 2024.

He explained to Breitbart News Saturday, “This is a disease with the Democrats at this point. They just can’t stop. We had one impeachment, we had another impeachment, we had the Russian collusion, we had the stuff with Ukraine, that’s only to mention a few. They just can’t leave it alone. They are in my opinion, so afraid of this man, because they know, if he wins the presidency of the United States again, that he will let the truth ring out. He will crack that ugly egg called Washington, DC, and let out of the stench and corruption and everything else.”

Van Drew referred to Bragg as a “half-ass local DA” who is going after Trump for what is basically a “misdemeanor.”

The New Jersey Republican slammed Bragg for pursuing Trump while New York City is “dirtier and more unsafe and more dangerous than it ever was.”

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