Oversight Committee Teases Identifying 9 Bidens Involved in Family Business

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - NOVEMBER 07: President-elect Joe Biden and family watch fireworks from stage after Biden's address to the nation from the Chase Center November 07, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. After four days of counting the high volume of mail-in ballots in key battleground states due to the coronavirus pandemic, …
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The House Oversight Committee on Tuesday teased the identification of the nine Biden family members it says have profited from the Biden family business.

On April 17, Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) announced that a total of nine Biden family members may have profited from the family’s international business schemes, six more than previously disclosed. Those currently identified on the payroll are Hunter, James, Hallie Biden — and a fourth unidentified Biden.

Collectively, the identified Biden family members have received $1.3 million from a Biden associate, who was wired $3 million dollars from a Chinese energy company two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency.

More than a week has passed since Comer’s announcement of the six additional family members. On Tuesday, the committee teased releasing the identities it has so far concealed.

“We’ve identified nine Bidens who have been involved with or may have benefited from the Biden family’s shady business transactions,” it posted on Twitter. “We will be revealing more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.”

Breitbart News requested comment on who the family members might be, but a spokesperson for the committee declined to reveal the identities at this time. The committee did not give a time frame for the reveal it says is coming eventually.

While the committee has been extremely active behind the scenes gathering information and details about business dealings of the president’s family members, they have not provided much of these details publicly yet. It remains to be seen if the committee intends to have public hearings with these Biden family members testifying, or other public hearings with other witnesses, including the several people it says are cooperating from inside Biden operations–or if the committee will release any reports on its findings.

Comer’s investigation began after Republicans retook the House majority upon victory in the midterm election. Since the investigation’s launch, the committee has inspected the Treasury’s suspicious activity reports and sent four subpoenas to banks and one individual. But now, months into the new Congress, it is  unclear where this probe goes and what happens next.

The committee has also sent numerous demand letters to Biden family members. The committee did not respond to Breitbart News when asked about its intention to subpoena Biden family members or additional business associates.

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