Biden and His Puppet Master’s Plan to Control Your Bank Account

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Is President Joe Biden really running America? Ever since he took office, everyone has been wondering: “Who’s really pulling the strings?” Barack Obama? George Soros? Bill Gates?

Andrew Zatlin—who Bloomberg has ranked as one of America’s top economists—believes he knows who is pulling the strings, and it’s not who you think.

For the first time ever, Zatlin is revealing the identity of Biden’s puppet master in a controversial new expose.

(Click here to watch and discover who Biden’s puppet master is.)

Zatlin is a 30-year veteran who publishes his own independent research. That means he doesn’t accept any advertisements from funds, companies, or think tanks.

The Wall Street Journal even wrote an entire article about Zatlin, saying that his predictions were “knocking it out of the park.”

No wonder his research has been used by several of the world’s top hedge funds that manage an excess of a combined $20 billion.

And now he’s revealing shocking evidence that Biden and his puppet master are planning to use a made-up climate crisis to give the global elite complete control over how you spend your money.

And they’re going to use a digital dollar to do that. So, imagine the potential for government abuse of your civil liberties in a digital dollar economic environment. Consider the following possible nightmare scenario…

Let’s say you want to fly to visit your kids and grandkids to spend Thanksgiving together. With a digital dollar, they will be able to ban you from buying tickets if you’re considered a “big polluter.” This would happen automatically because the digital dollar would be coded to “stop working” for certain purchases under certain circumstances.

Biden’s puppet master is already working with big banks on a digital currency. And such a nightmare scenario could become a reality.

Or consider a scenario involving gas-powered cars. What if they could make your “digital dollars” stop working at the gas pump once you’ve purchased a certain amount of gasoline in a week? In other words, they could have complete control over what kind of car you are allowed to drive.

They could also decide what kind of food you’re allowed to eat. For example, Biden’s puppet master believes meat is bad for the environment. With the digital dollar, they could potentially ban or limit your purchase of red meat all for “the greater good.”

And this goes well beyond just climate change. Once they flip the switch on the digital dollar, they could control every aspect of your life.

That’s why an op-ed in The Hill stated: “If [this man and his team] are successful, life in America might never be the same.” (Click here and learn how to opt out of the digital dollar.)

Let’s consider some more potential scenarios in this new digital dollar economy…

Let’s say, for example, you want to buy a pillow from MyPillow founder and Trump supporter Mike Lindell. Sorry, you can’t get a good night’s sleep because he’s considered part of the dangerous MAGA movement.

Not updated on your tenth COVID booster shot? Sorry, your digital dollars might not work anywhere until you get that shot.

Want to donate money to your church? Sorry, you’re not allowed because your church doesn’t support the right to “choose” an abortion.

Trying to buy any book that criticizes the government? Sorry, you’re not allowed because that book is full of “dangerous misinformation” that doesn’t support the government’s narratives.

Did you say anything on social media that goes against the government’s narrative? You could potentially be labeled as a spreader of misinformation and cut off from your own bank account until you delete your social media post.

With the digital dollar, Biden could also potentially ban so-called “assault weapons” without having to pass a new law. Once a digital dollar is here, it could be programmed to “stop working” for certain gun or ammunition purchases.

The opportunities for government abuses are limitless and frankly terrifying.

So, just ask yourself: Do you think President Biden and his puppet master would like to have that kind of power over you?

If you said “yes,” watch Zatlin’s exposé because he’s also revealing his entire five-step blueprint on how to legally and ethically “opt out” of their plan.

But hurry, this digital dollar plan is already in motion.

They already launched a pilot program to give them control over your money.

So, depending on when you’re seeing this, you might have just a few days to prepare.

Once they flip the switch, you could potentially lose access to your bank account, your credit card, and even your Social Security benefits.

Click here now to learn how to prepare.


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