Report: Hunter Biden Claimed He Was Broke at Child Support Hearing After Flying on Private Jet

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, boards Air Force One with the president, Saturda
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Hunter Biden claimed he is quite poor during a child-support hearing in Arkansas despite reportedly traveling there in luxury.

He apparently flew to and from the courthouse on a private jet that belongs to his friend, Kevin Morris, the New York Post reported Saturday.

The outlet said the jet left Los Angeles the morning of April 30 and flew to Washington, DC. It reportedly took off again an hour later on its way to Arkansas. It landed at an airport located just over 30 miles from the Independence County Courthouse where the hearing took place the following day.

Not long after the meeting, the jet took off for D.C.

“The 7,326-mile round trip likely cost between $55,000 to $117,000 all in — or the value of up to six months in child-support payments to Hunter Biden’s baby mama, aviation experts told The Post,” the report noted.

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Biden has paid about $750,000 in child support since 2019, when he settled with Lunden Roberts, the mother of one of his children, for over $2 million once a DNA test proved he is the child’s father.

On May 1, Biden appeared in the Arkansas courtroom hoping to reduce child support payments of $20,000 a month, per Breitbart News.

Video footage caught the moment Biden arrived at the Arkansas courthouse on May 1 with secret service agents following him into the building:

Inside Edition noted the Biden family has never acknowledged the little girl’s existence.

Biden is apparently still trying to renegotiate the payments to the former stripper and mother of the four-year-old named Navy Joan.

He reportedly wants to reduce the payments because of a “substantial material change” regarding his finances.

According to Breitbart News, Kevin Morris is an entertainment lawyer who is apparently one of the main people in the Hunter Biden investigation.

Author Kevin Morris, who is also Hunter Biden’s attorney, attends his “White Man’s Problem” book release party on June 3, 2014, in Los Angeles, California. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

“In 2022, news reports surfaced that Hunter Biden retained Morris to oversee his public relations and media strategies. In turn, Morris reportedly paid Hunter’s over two-million-dollar IRS tax delinquency and bankrolled his $30,000-a-month apartment in Malibu, California,” the outlet said.

The lawyer is also apparently involved in Biden’s “new-found career of painting modern art, an occupation connected to the art market known for corruption,” the report noted.

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