Kevin McCarthy Endorses Trump for President, Willing to Serve in Cabinet

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said on this week’s broadcast of CBS’s “Sunday Morning” that he endorses former President Donald Trump for the 2024 race and was open to serving in his White House cabinet.

Partial transcript as follows:

COSTA: Will Donald Trump be the nominee?

MCCARTHY: Yes. In the Republican Party? Yes. And if Biden stays as the nominee for the Democrats, I believe Donald Trump will win. I believe the Republicans will gain more seats in the House and the Republicans will win the Senate.

COSTA: Can he count on your support?


COSTA: That’s an endorsement?

MCCARTHY: I will support the president. I will support President Trump.

COSTA: Would you be willing to serve in a Trump cabinet?

MCCARTHY: In the right position. Look, if I’m the best person for the job. Yes. Look, I worked with President Trump on a lot of policies. We worked together to win the majority. But we also have a relationship where we’re very honest with one another.

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