Nolte: NY Times Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden with Young Voters

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Former President Trump tops His Fraudulency Joe Biden with young voters by six points, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.

The Times admits it is shocked by Trump’s 49 to 43 percent lead among voters aged 18-29.

“As recently as this summer, a poll with Donald J. Trump leading among young voters would have been eye-popping,” writes the Times. “Now, it’s increasingly familiar[.]”


Usually, it’s not worth dwelling too much on a subsample from a single poll, but this basic story about young voters is present in nearly every major survey at this point. Our own battleground state surveys in the fall showed something similar, with Mr. Biden ahead by a single point among those 18 to 29. Either figure is a big shift from Mr. Biden’s 21-point lead in our final poll before the midterms or his 10-point lead in our last national poll in July.

The Times believes the shift is due to Biden’s support for Israel.

Overall, Mr. Trump is winning 21 percent of young Biden ’20 voters who sympathize more with Palestinians than Israel, while winning 12 percent of other young Biden ’20 voters. In an even more striking sign of defections among his own supporters, Mr. Biden holds just a 64-24 lead among the young Biden ’20 voters who say Israel is intentionally killing civilians, compared with an 84-8 lead among the Biden ’20 voters who don’t think Israel is intentionally killing civilians.

The Times adds that it’s “possible that the kinds of young voters opposed to Israel already opposed Mr. Biden back before the war. That can’t be ruled out.”

The Times is correct that “nearly every major survey at this point” shows Trump topping Slow Joe with young people. Still, it seems counter-intuitive to blame Biden’s support for Israel for this shift. Trump is a more outspoken supporter of Israel than Biden. Maybe the thinking is that young people are not aware of Trump’s affection for Israel…?

Among all registered voters, Trump tops Biden by two points, 46 to 44 percent. Back in July, this same poll showed the two likely candidates tied at 43 percent. Also of note in that same poll is the fact that Biden was beating Trump among those same young voters by ten points, 47 to 37 percent. That’s a 16-point shift toward Trump among the 19-29 year olds over five months. So, when you ask yourself what could have possibly changed between July and today, you must admit that the one big event is Gaza declaring war on Israel.

Among likely voters, Biden tops Trump nationally 47 to 45 percent.

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Another explanation for the shift towards The Donald among young people could be the grinding-down effect of Bidenomics. As much as Biden, Democrats, and their corporate media allies try to tell us Biden’s economy is awesome, prices continue to rise. Even when we’re told inflation has slowed, that means prices are still rising, just not as much as they were previously.

Then there’s the issue of home ownership and housing. The average mortgage payment in Biden’s America is a breathtaking $3,322. That’s up from $1,787 when Trump left office. The two major causes are high-interest rates and scarcity. The high-interest rates are a result of high inflation. Biden’s reckless spending created inflation and the only way to bring inflation down is to raise interest rates.

As far as the scarcity of homes, Democrats are adamantly opposed to building single-family homes. What’s more, scarcity was a big problem even before Biden flooded the country with millions of illegal aliens who now compete with legal citizens and immigrants for housing.

It’s when you are in that 18-29 age group that you start thinking about the future. Buying a home is a big part of that. Right now the future is looking pretty bleak for young people. The left and their media allies try to scare young people into voting for Democrats using things like fear tactics on Climate Change. To some degree, that obviously works. But the day-in-day-out reality of trying to launch a future in Biden’s America does not inspire hope for that future.

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