Nolte: Poll Shows Slight Majority Support States Banning Trump from Ballot

donald trump
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While voters are divided on the issue of how the U.S. Supreme Court should handle fascist Democrats banning former President Trump from state ballots, a slight majority would like SCOTUS to ban Trump or allow the state bans to stand.

“The national poll finds a close division on state-level rulings barring Trump from the ballot in Colorado and Maine, 49-46%, support-oppose,” reports far-left ABC News. “On next steps, 56% are willing to see him disqualified in all or some states, including 30% who say the high court should bar him in all states and 26% who say it should let each state decide.”

If you say you want the states to decide, you are a fascist comfortable with disenfranchising voters when their candidate has been found guilty of … NOTHING.

What’s more, standing by to allow the states to decide on a basic, fundamental issue of voting and civil rights is not a legitimate “states rights” issue. Individual states cannot violate the U.S. Constitution. That’s what the Supreme Court is for.

“Thirty-nine percent back a third option, saying the court should keep Trump on the ballot in all states.”

Only 39 percent. Man alive.

It gets worse…

There is also “substantial support for the leveling of criminal charges against Trump, 56-39%,” per the poll. “That contrasts with views on the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden initiated last month by House Republicans, a step supported by 44% and opposed by 51%.”

Trump’s base, however, cannot be fooled. Among those who view the former president favorably, “just 10% say a conviction would lower their opinion of Trump, while 12% say it would raise it.” Count me among the 12 percent.

A phony, trumped up, kangaroo conviction (which is all it would be) coming at the hands of corrupt left-wing prosecutors crapping all over the Constitution to put the top opposition leader in prison, would result in 21 percent of all adults lowering their opinion of Trump.  This includes 15 percent of Republican cucks who vote for people like Nikki Haley, 23 percent of Independents, and 28 percent of Democrats.

“Forty-one percent of Americans strongly support criminal charges against Trump, while many fewer, 24%, strongly oppose them.” But on the flip side, 26 percent strongly support impeaching Hunter’s Dad, while a higher number, 32 percent, strongly oppose it.

On February 8, SCOTUS is scheduled to hear arguments about the ballot removal. Maine’s fascist Secretary of State and Colorado’s Supreme Court falsely claim Trump is guilty of “insurrection” and therefore disqualified under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Assuming this poll of 2,228 adults — 25 percent Democrat, 25 percent Republican, 41 percent Independent — is anything close to accurate, a poll of “adults” doesn’t tell us much about how these issues will affect the 2024 election. Right now, Trump is polling better than he ever has, including when he won the Oval Office in 2016.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that this poll is this and no one should pay attention to it.

But thanks for reading.

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