Exclusive — Marsha Blackburn: It’s ‘Time for the Party to Unify’ Around Donald Trump

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It is “time for the party to unify” around former President Donald Trump, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday, emphasizing that it is now “imperative that people get out of this race.”

Blackburn endorsed Trump for president in April 2023, and now, as more are coalescing behind the former president, it is time to devote resources to taking down President Joe Biden, as well as to other general races across the country, Blackburn explained.

“It is time for the party to unify,” she said, pointing to polls showing Trump completely dominating state after state.

“People ought to get out [of the race]. The party needs to unify. We need to move on and focus on Donald Trump beating Joe Biden and Donald Trump being the 47th president of the United States,” she said.

“It is time for us to put our energy into making certain that he wins and that the candidates that he is endorsing are going to win,” she said, listing off a few examples, including Rep. Jim Banks in Indiana (R) and Gov. Jim Justice in West Virginia (R), the latter of which she described as a “good pickup seat for us.”

“We’ve got a great candidate over in Ohio that is going to win that primary and is going to move forward and win that seat. We need to get busy on this. And Republicans need to get with the president and get on that America First and Make America Great Again agenda,” Blackburn stressed, emphasizing that it is “so imperative that people get out of this race, that we move forward, that we start as a general election phase that everybody gets behind Donald Trump and his candidates — the candidates that our party has endorsed [and] that the president has endorsed.”


Blackburn reminded listeners that she is on the 2024 ballot, too, warning that Democrat opponents in these races across the board will be “well-funded,” which is why it is crucial that Republicans stop wasting money on the primary process for opponents who “have no path to victory.”

“Those are dollars that could be spent in these general election races for November, and as we look at this weekend, we’re a year away from the inaugural for the 47th president. As we look at November, and we’re toward the end of January, and you think about when early vote starts in some of these states, let’s take advantage of this, get the party unified, get behind these candidates, and win these races,” Blackburn said.

“We have a country to get back on the right track, and as I talked to Tennesseans, they’re talking a lot about the border. They’re talking a lot about inflation. They’re talking about crime. And they’re talking about how Biden and this agenda has not served them, their communities, our state, or our country well,” she added.

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