Nationwide Gas Prices Top $3.50, Spiking More than 45% Under Joe Biden 

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Tim Boyle, Ting Shen/Getty Images, BNN

The nationwide average price for regular gas topped $3.54 a gallon, a spike of more than 45 percent under President Joe Biden, AAA reported Wednesday.

In the past month, gas prices rose 20 cents ($3.34), about one dollar more expensive ($2.38) than when Trump left office.

Gas prices remain high and could go higher due to industry and political factors. Biden’s economic war on American energy independence during instability in the Middle East and in Ukraine are significant factors.

According to Goldman Sachs, gas prices could reach $4 by May.

“A number of factors driving oil prices higher. So you have the expectation that OPEC+ is going to carry on with their production cuts. There’s also been rising tensions in the Middle East. That has also been sending prices higher,” Yahoo News’ Ines Ferre reported Wednesday.

Consumers are feeling the pitch of the increased cost.

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Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

“Since gas prices have gone up I had to get this car right here, which is a gas saver for me. I used to have a truck and I would pump almost every day, now it’s every other day,” Jose Torres, a California resident, told KFSN.

“I just don’t see it going down,” Jay Young, CEO of King Operating Corporation, told NBC 5 in Dallas. “So if you want to drive further this summer, be prepared to pay more. Unfortunately, be prepared to pay more.”

Patrick de Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said consumers should not worry. “We’re basically right on par with what we tend to see,” he told ABC News.

Gas prices are high by historical standards, Breitbart News reported, “and not just compared with the very low gas prices seen during the pandemic lockdowns, when the weekly national average gas price fell below $1.80. In 2018, gasoline averaged around $2.72 per gallon. The following year, the average was $2.60.

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