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Winning: America Has Lowest July 4th Gas Prices Since 2005

Americans will experience the lowest gas prices around the July 4th holiday since 2005. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), Americans will pay an average of $2.23 per gallon for gas around the July 4th holiday, which is 15 cents lower compared to a month ago.

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Border Bridges Closed Amid Mexican Gas Price Riots

NOGALES, Arizona — Protesters in Mexico continue to take to the streets to voice their anger at the increasing gas prices while chanting “death to the evil government”. The protests have turned violent in multiple states and have also resulted in the temporary closings of various international ports of entry.

Oil derricks are silhouetted against the rising sun at an oilfield in the Baku October 16, 2005. Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said on Sunday that the rise in oil prices to a record high had been determined by market forces. REUTERS/DAVID MDZINARISHVILI

Arab Press: Time For Gulf To Prepare For Post-Oil Era

TEL AVIV – For far too long, Gulf countries have relied solely on petrodollars and now they must find other sources of income in a post-oil world in order to save themselves from economic ruin.

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ESPN Host Heaps Praise on Obama for Economy

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd defended President Barack Obama on his show “The Herd” Tuesday, saying that the voters in the United States usually elect capable people as president. According to Cowherd, Obama is capable as a president because the stock market is


Tom Steyer, Greens Question CA Gas Price Spike

San Francisco’s billionaire environmental activist and Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer joined a group of consumer advocates supporting a California Senate investigation to determine if an “oligopoly” is the reason the price of California regular gasoline at $3.19 a gallon is $.78 higher than the national average, the Sacramento Bee reports.

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Poll: Even Liberal California Favors Keystone XL Pipeline

Majorities of the 1,706 adults surveyed favor President Obama, like Obamacare, support amnesty, favor high taxes, and say government should redistribute wealth. Yet a 54% of Californians–and 44% of Democrats–say that the Keystone XL pipeline should be built, contrary to Obama’s veto.


What’s Up with Prices at the Pump?

After initially driving down the price of oil by increasing its production, which gave Americans a welcome drop in prices at the pump, could Saudi Arabia now be pushing them back up?


‘You’re Welcome’: Obama Takes Credit For Falling Gas Prices

Friday at Ivy Tech Community College, after pointing to falling gas prices as a positive economic development,  when an audience member thanked him, President Barack Obama flashed a huge grin and said, “You’re welcome!” then warned they will go back

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John Thune Puts Gas Tax Hike on the Table for GOP Senate

The incoming chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) put all options on the table when it comes to replenishing the shrinking Highway Trust Fund, which is widely seen as opening the door to a tax increase.

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Gas Still Not Cheap by Historical Standards

The recent plunge in gas prices has been welcome relief for many, but today’s price at the pump still isn’t what it used to be in nominal and inflation-adjusted real terms, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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Cap and Trade Will Make California Only State with Climbing Gas Prices: State Senator

Beginning January 1, California’s gasoline producers will be subject to new regulations under the state’s cap-and-trade system. As a result, gas prices for the state’s motorists will likely increase due to what opponents of the regulations are calling a “hidden gas tax,” although the ultimate amount of the increase is still anyone’s guess.