Tornado Destroys Indiana Home, but Leaves Family Bible Unscathed

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As tornadoes ripped through northern Indiana, one family suffered the demolition of their home, but upon touring the loss, the family discovered a Bible remained nearly untouched by the raging winds that destroyed everything else around it.

A member of Nancy Sander’s family owned the home near Macy, Indiana, that was completely destroyed when an EF-2 tornado ripped through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio on Monday.

The home belonging to Sander’s sister was lifted completely off its foundation, and part of the house was flung more than a half mile away, Fox News reported.

“She loved this place and the things, but had they been in the basement, they would have been sucked right out,” Sander told the media.

“The majority of household items we’re finding here, but we found her quilt in the woods and her red wagon in the swamp,” Sander added.

Some of the family’s belonging survived the destructive winds. But one item found sitting neatly on what was the back porch surprised the family the most. The family Bible sat waiting for them, nearly untouched by the swirling destruction that flattened the rest of the home and scattered belongings for nearly a mile.

Sander thanked God her sister was visiting Florida at the time and was not in the home when the tornado blew in. She was also thankful no one else in the area was injured by the high winds that destroyed her home along with others.

During Memorial Day week, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center showed that tornados touched down in many states including Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

Memorial Day marked the record-tying 11th straight day since 1980 with up to eight tornadoes in the U.S., according to Storm Prediction Center meteorologist Patrick Marsh.

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