Debbie Lee of America’s Mighty Warriors: ‘You Don’t Aspire to Be a Gold Star Mother’

Facebook/SEAL Team Monkey VI (STM6)
Facebook/SEAL Team Monkey VI (STM6)
Washington, DC

Gold Star mother Debbie Lee of America’s Mighty Warriors said, “You don’t aspire to be a Gold Star mother; you become a Gold Star family member because you have a loved one who died in combat.” Lee discussed with Breitbart News Daily the work her organization does to honor veterans.

Lee’s son Marc Alan Lee was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on August 2, 2006. She discussed in detail events surrounding his death, as well as his legacy.

America’s Mighty Warriors’ mission is “to honor the sacrifices of our troops, the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery.”

More information on America’s Mighty warriors and its programs can be found here:

Debbie Lee founded America’s Mighty Warriors, after her son Marc was the first Navy SEAL to be killed in Iraq on August 2, 2006. In Marc’s Last Letter Home, he asked for friends and family to “pass on the love and kindness and precious gift of human life.” Since then, America’s Mighty Warriors has been fighting to support our troops, the fallen and their families and to work with like-minded organizations to do the same.

Gold Star Mothers Club also exists:

The American Gold Star Mothers Inc. was formed in the United States shortly after World War I to provide support for mothers who lost sons or daughters in the war. The name came from the custom of families of servicemen hanging a banner called a Service Flag in the window of their homes. The Service Flag had a star for each family member in the United States Armed Forces. Living servicemen were represented by a blue star, and those who had lost their lives were represented by a gold star. Gold Star Mothers are often socially active but are non-political. Today, membership in the Gold Star Mothers is open to any American woman who has lost a son or daughter in service to the United States. On the last Sunday in September, Gold Star Mother’s Day is observed in the U.S. in their honor.[1] The group holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United States Code.

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