Sonnie Johnson on Blacks for Donald Trump: ‘We Want Greatness; We Do Not Want Free Sh*t’


Podcaster and blogger Sonnie Johnson was having a pretty good time with this year’s BET Awards until Jesse Williams took the stage, as she told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“He gives this speech, a Black Lives Matter speech, and I wrote a responding article on, entitled ‘OK, Do You Want to Talk About Freedom Now?’” Johnson said. (The current title of the article was expanded to include both Johnson and Williams’ names; it may be read here.)  

As Johnson pointed out, Jesse Williams has “a white mother and a black father – and that is what the Left has spent their time talking about, while the Right is talking about how divisive he is. And lost in this process are black people.

She said she wrote her article to “reach those people, telling them the honest truth about why we cannot get problems solved in the black community.”

“No one touched my article, Bannon,” Johnson said proudly. Elaborating, she said:

I did not get a single negative comment from one black progressive. No one called me an “Uncle Tom.” No one called me a “coon.” No one plastered my name all across their headlines, saying how bad I was. But what did occur was Stacey Dash saying that he is a Hollywood progressive slave on a plantation.

(The blog post from Stacey Dash to which Johnson referred may be read here. After displaying a video of Williams’ speech, Dash exclaimed, “You’ve just seen the perfect example of a HOLLYWOOD plantation slave! Sorry, Mr Williams. But the fact that you were standing on that stage at THOSE awards tells people you really don’t know what your [sic] talking about. Just spewing hate and anger.”)

“Every single piece of black media picked up that title, that tag, everywhere, to tell black people Republicans do not like you. They think you’re on a plantation. They think that you are a slave,” said Johnson. “This is why we continue to lose, and there is a generation of us that are tired of this. And I swear, I just wish we had Republicans and conservatives on our side, in this issue.”

Johnson said that in her own article, she sought to “take on this constant bickering between the Right and the Left, between progressives and conservatives,” that leaves out the real life experiences of actual black people.

“We are at a time where we have this opportunity in front of us to crack this progressive shell,” she declared. “Donald Trump has put the cracks in it. We just have to finish breaking it. But we can’t get out of our own way to do it.”

“If you go back, if you look on Twitter right now, to see all of the blacks that are in support of Donald Trump, every stat they show, shows that that support doesn’t exist. Every person they put on says that black people will not support Trump,” said Johnson.

She insisted that these measurements dramatically underestimate Trump’s support among black voters.

Johnson said:

If you go on any of the social media, if you go on any of the social networks, you see the outpouring of support. And not only are they supporting, they’re actively supporting. They’re putting out facts. They’re challenging memes. You have a group of black people that are fighting for a Republican in Donald Trump.

“This is our chance of a lifetime. If we can stop calling them slaves, stop talking about the plantation, and start talking about the American Dream – what it has to offer, what we as the Right-wing have to offer! Freedom, liberty, financial independence, those are things that we can sell, she said. “But it’s sad that we would rather pick and prod and call names, to try to fight Democrats, instead of actually accomplishing something,” Johnson lamented, adding, “I’m just sick and tired of fighting this fight, where we can’t even get our army on our side.”

Johnson firmly rejected polls that suggested Trump enjoyed support from just one percent of the black community, with, at most, seven or eight percent undecided.

“No way,” she said. “They poll Democrats. They poll people that are used to voting for Democrats and just put their name down. They did not poll average black people.”

“This message is very simple. It is wealth over poverty. If you do not think that blacks understand that message, you have lost your entire mind,” Johnson declared. “We are tired of living in poverty. We want greatness. We do not want to be dependent. We do not want free shit. We want to be able to operate in the American system, just the way every other American operates, and that takes wealth.”

“It is a simple message,” she repeated. “It gets across through Donald Trump, and black people are listening.”

Johnson asserted:

You can just look and see the black people that are speaking out, and just think about the ones that are afraid to speak out. Think about the ones that don’t want the storm to come down on them when they actually say who they plan to vote for. Until we give them a safe space, until we actually provide them with spaces they can come to, where they can be themselves, they can be authentically who they are, and still represent our principles – look at Charlie Rangel. Look at Hillary Clinton. They destroyed themselves. We have to fill the vacuum. We have to create a space for people to go. And while we just want to criticize and ridicule, we are not building that space, we are not taking advantage of this opportunity, and it is downright sickening.”

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