John Bolton: Donald Trump Didn’t Tell Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton; They Probably Already Have Her Emails

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Appearing on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton addressed the “famous email flap” from Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday.

“I heard what he said. He did not call on the Russians to hack into Hillary’s computer,” Bolton said. “He was making the point – I understood it when I heard it the first time; I’m sure most people did – that the Russians probably already had her emails. They got them when Hillary put them in that unsecured email server.”

Bannon and Bolton both noted that veteran intelligence officers have made that point clear enough. Trump was echoing what top CIA officials have said about the certainty of foreign intelligence services penetrating Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server. In the process, he successfully goaded Democrats and their media allies into admitting something they have long denied–that Clinton’s deleted emails probably do contain information she was not legally allowed to delete, and that America’s adversaries should not have seen.

“What Trump was saying was the Russians are already there. They probably know more about Hillary’s email than the FBI because Hillary’s lawyers erased all those 30,000 emails that were not turned over to the State Department,” Bolton noted, adding:

I think he was dinging the Democrats for being more concerned about the just terrible emails we saw out of the DNC than the security risk that Hillary created by her own actions. And I think the Democrats are scared to death that the Russians, or somebody, does have all those emails that are not about her yoga lessons and Chelsea’s wedding, but are about the Clinton Foundation.

He found a far more realistic, and troubling, Russian connection in one of the biggest foreign policy stories of the moment, the situation in Turkey.

Bolton worried that Turkey was “moving in the wrong direction” after the coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which was followed by a massive purge of the military and civil service, as well as a crackdown on dissident media.

“Erdogan has been purging the top ranks of the Turkish military for 15 years. It is part of his effort to move into an Islamist estate,” Bolton said.

He also stated:

I don’t want to write Turkey off yet. It’s strategically and geographically much too important, but this does pose a risk to NATO. Erdogan’s first meeting with a foreign leader, post the failed coup, was to be with Vladimir Putin of Russia. That is not a good sign. This is a tremendous negative for the United States, and the Obama administration – as on so many issues – has just been completely absent from the field, in worrying about the future of Turkey.     

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