Paul Nehlen: Paul Ryan Is a ‘Soulless, Globalist Snake, and We Smoked Him Out of the Snake Hole’

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Paul Nehlen, who is opposing House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin Republican primary, joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily, with just hours to go before voters headed to the polls. Polls portray Ryan as the heavy favorite in the race.

Nehlen said he was in high spirits, and his campaign “war rooms” were “alive until going on four o’clock this morning.”

“I just got some great news, that I am gonna have a smile on my face all day over,” he announced. “One of the town halls that Ryan went to was A&E Tool’s, and that happened to be one of the many companies that one of my warriors was out – I don’t know if he’d be okay with me saying his name, so I’m not gonna say it, I’ll talk to him later, I’ll give you that if he’s okay with it – he blanketed that parking lot before Ryan got there with all of my door hangers. Every car, just a couple days before Ryan got there, had my door hanger under every windshield wiper in that parking lot.”

“And so Ryan showed up, and every one of those people had touched Nehlen documentation,” he said happily. “So Ryan went into that factory, and basically admitted to the world that he didn’t know how to create jobs, and started with the wonky talk to these factory guys.”

Nehlen said all of Breitbart News Daily’s “awesome listeners” should be aware he spent his entire life in factories. “People smell B.S. in a factory faster than they smell it on the farm a lot of times.”

Nehlen described Ryan’s factory appearance, and its aftermath:

So he’s up there jibber-jabbering, and they’re hitting him with questions on TPP [the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal], and as we spoke the other day, Ryan’s already trying to back away from TPP.

Yesterday, when I was out in front of his office giving a presser, the first question that I was asked, and I took two questions afterwards, was, ‘Well, we just were with Paul Ryan at a factory, and one of the questions he was asked was about TPP, and he says he doesn’t support it.’ So the reporter, she said to me, ‘What do you have to say to that?’

I said, ‘I have a question for you, and you have to ask yourself this: if Paul Ryan, who is the mercenary champion, who personally whipped the votes for fast-track trade promotion authority, didn’t read it, who read it for him, and told him he needed to vote for this? The answer is, either his donors, or – I think I might have said the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton.

But I said, my answer to that is, we don’t pay Paul Ryan enough to vote for Wisconsin, or for America. His donors pay way better. So that’s who he was working on behalf of. That just goes to show you that this guy is, in fact, a soulless globalist – that he will stand in front of manufacturing workers, in front of anybody, in front of the world – and admit that he was bent, by the arc of our pressure, he was bent away from a trade plan that gives up U.S. sovereignty.

I actually said that to the reporter, I said, so you mean to tell me he didn’t read something that gives away U.S. sovereignty, and brings foreign workers to our shores?

Nehlen dismissed polls that show Ryan over 60 points ahead of him as “ridiculous.”

“If you believe polls, then Great Britain’s still in the E.U.,” he recalled telling a reporter at his press appearance outside Paul Ryan’s office.

Nehlen described himself as a great fan of Breitbart News Daily, telling Bannon he listens to the show “on my phone, in my truck — when I’m riding the motorcycle, I’ve got you guys on blast, tearing through the district, or wherever I’m at. You guys are great listeners. If you listen to the listeners of your show — versus any show, really — great in-depth questions and analysis by the folks who love this country.”

Bannon noted that under pressure, Paul Ryan “turns into Paul Nehlen” by adopting his stances on issues like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“There’s one thing that sticks in my craw — he says, hey, these guys that want to do this, they don’t understand the importance of international trade, we have to have trade,” said Bannon, arguing that Nehlen manufacturing background gives him a keen understanding that “we’re part of a global system,” so it was absurd for Ryan to portray him as being completely against international trade.

“That’s right. We have the biggest market. Anybody who argues against bilateral trade agreements and a scaled tariff doesn’t get it,” said Nehlen. He offered an example from the beef industry of how poorly-negotiated trade deals turn into weapons pointed at American business owners and workers:

This country was founded on tariffs that worked for America. We roll over with things like NAFTA – which, you can’t even mark beef ‘Made in the USA beef’ any more, because we were sued under NAFTA.

In my second rally in Kenosha this weekend, I pointed out to everybody that we have, now, $900 million in beef headed this direction. Why? Because Paul Ryan – who is in charge of, he is the head of the House of Representatives, the people’s house, Congress is in charge of the Commerce Clause. I mean, I quoted chapter and verse of Paul Ryan’s job description, standing up on that stage. Paul Ryan waves the Constitution around, he doesn’t even know his own job description.

They are doing an end-around on TPP right now to get $900 million in beef from Brazil! I mean, they’ve got cows washing up on the shores in Rio de Janeiro right now. Of course, they’re not showing those on the Olympics, but you can see these conditions that country is under right now. God bless those people, I hope they get it turned around. But why subject Americans to eating that beef, when we’ve got great beef in this country?

And we’ve got the Bureau of Land Management, and other government agencies, working against our ranchers, working against our farmers – I mean, we are under siege in almost every industry, I would argue every industry, by government overreach.

“We’ve got to get back to the 10th Amendment,” he urged. “Why do I send a dollar to Washington, in order to get 70 cents in education back, Paul Ryan? Why shouldn’t I send my money directly to Madison, 70 cents to Madison, for my education, and keep 30 cents in my pocket? I’ll tell you what, Madison, Wisconsin: I’ll give you a ten cent raise. I’ll give you a 14 percent raise, and take you from 70 cents to 80 cents, and I’ll keep 20 cents in my pocket. Let’s not send any of it to the federal government.”

Bannon noted that Nehlen had “zero name recognition 90 days ago,” but now his race against Ryan has turned into a “global media event,” because Nehlen’s campaign served to “smoke Ryan out” on trade and sovereignty issues.

“I thought that when I got on stage to debate him, I thought, ‘I am going to own him,’” Nehlen recalled. “I knew in my heart that if I got the chance to debate him, I would own him. I would strip him naked in front of everyone. And you know what? He played a smart move. I think it was smart on his part to not debate me, because I would have owned him, and he knew it.”

“But it’s sad, the level of just disdain our elected representatives have for their voters,” he said. “The Wisconsin GOP does not want – and the ‘payroll pundits,’ as your last caller mentioned – they don’t my campaign to see the light of day.”

“This campaign isn’t about me. I’ve said this over, and over, and over again. The same thing Mr. Trump has said. This campaign isn’t about Mr. Trump. It isn’t about Paul Nehlen. It isn’t. It’s about this country. And it’s about making an immigration policy that works for America first. It’s about putting together a security policy that works for America First. This isn’t about a security policy, or an economic policy, or a manufacturing policy, or a health care policy that’s, you know, TrumpCare or NehlenCare, or any of those things. It’s about America first. It’s a message that resonates with voters, and that’s why they’re trying to squelch him,” Nehlen argued.

“They’re using identity politics against Mr. Trump. They used it against me. These guys will do anything other than focus on the issue of this terrible trade deal that gives up U.S. sovereignty, or open borders that kills Spencer Golvach, that kills the Wilkersons, that kills the thousands of Kate Steinles around the world,” said Nehlen, referring to several victims of criminal assault by illegal aliens.

“The level of dishonesty, and just personal politics — Paul Ryan is the Candidate of Me,” he said. “He is all about his run in 2020.”

Nehlen recalled distributing handbills in Ryan’s voter “stronghold,” and being told by many of his constituents, “Oh, yeah, we’re going to give you a shot, we’ve had enough of this,” accompanied by the occasional hug.

“There were two negative reactions out of — there had to be 300 people there,” he said of his experience canvassing at a concert event. “One was a guy that was helping deconstruct the stage area. I handbilled it to him. He was apoplectic. He was literally about to come out of his shoes. He said, ‘Paul Ryan is a personal friend of mine. I can’t believe you’re handbilling me out here. Paul Ryan is going to be the President of the United States in 2020.’ And I laughed the deepest laugh you’ve ever heard.”

“At the same time, a buddy of mine waded into a group of bluebloods and they said, ‘We’re all Paul Ryan fans.’” Nehlen continued. “And my guy said to them, ‘So you’re for open borders, and amnesty, and giving our sovereignty away?’ And the guy says, ‘Get outta here, you D-bag!’ to my guy. And I heard it, and I started laughing again, and so did he. It was so brilliant.”     

Nehlen recommended supporters visit his campaign website,, on this final day of the primary campaign.

“It’s not too late to sign up for our phone bank,” he said. “Listen, share every good article you see, everything on your Facebook. Blast out to all your friends. Call into the district. If you have friends who you think might have friends in Wisconsin, call them. Get them out here. It’s not too late. It’s not too late to sign up, and get on that phone system, and blast this district today, to get my name out there.”

“That’s how we’re winning this. If people know there’s a choice, and they’re upset with Paul Ryan, then they’ll take a look at it,” he argued. “We’ve gotta get ‘em out to vote today. It’s critical.”

“He is definitely not a badger. He is definitely not a wolverine,” Nehlen said of Paul Ryan, denying him identification with two of the region’s more formidable animals. “He is not a badger. He is not a Wisconsin badger. He’s a snake. He’s a soulless, globalist snake, and we smoked him out of the snake hole.”  

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