Maryland Senate Candidate Kathy Szeliga: ‘Too Many People in Washington Are Just Career Politicians’

AP Photo/Brian Witte
AP Photo/Brian Witte
Washington, DC

Kathy Szeliga, candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland, discussed her candidacy with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam Thursday morning.

“I decided to run for the United States Senate last year because I’m worried about the future of our country for so many reasons, not just this immigration issue,” Szeliga said, adding:

My husband and I are small business owners. Thirty years ago, we started a construction and general contracting business, and I know how hard it is to make a payroll. I know what it means to sign the front of a paycheck, and too many people in Washington are just career politicians.

Szeliga’s Republican primary opponent, a Navy Iraq veteran currently practicing law, Richard J. Douglas, endorsed her in a Baltimore Sun op-ed:

In April 2015, Mr. Van Hollen joined Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez in a public attack on American workers. In an interview with Washington Hispanic following a Prince George’s County rally for undocumented migrants, Mr. Gutierrez said Americans who worry about uncontrolled migration — most of us — are “enemies of the community.” Mr. Van Hollen clapped and cheered, according to eye witnesses.

Later in 2015, Chinese hackers stole sensitive government data about millions of U.S. federal workers. Thousands of these workers live in Mr. Van Hollen’s district. But he has never served on the House committees established to safeguard their interests. Federal cyber-vulnerabilities were apparent years before the theft. Mr. Van Hollen played no role in addressing them.

On national security, Mr. Van Hollen has been a spectator. He is not an armed forces veteran, and he exercises no leadership in Congress on military or veteran issues. Nor has he served on committees overseeing national security or veterans’ affairs. When VA hospitals were failing, Gen. Eric Shinseki took the fall, though, ultimately, the buck stops with Congress. Congress failed to conduct proper VA oversight, and veterans paid with their lives. Mr. Van Hollen walked away again.

Szeliga’s campaign website is here.

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