Ann Coulter: Trump Tricked Media into Showing Angel Moms, ‘Parents of Children Horribly Murdered by Illegal Aliens’

Ralph Freso/Getty Images
Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Author Ann Coulter, whose new book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! is now available, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlowe on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to defend her contention from Thursday’s show that Donald Trump gave “the greatest speech of all time” after his visit to Mexico.

“There is nothing, nothing, no quote that could be pulled out of context, that you would not have a majority of Americans agreeing with,” she contended. “I mean, it’s only like the editors at Gawker, or the zealots at MSNBC, who could find any problem with a single sentence there. It was phrased so beautifully.”

Coulter said:

And, as for specifics, for example, the idea that from now on, the immigration debate will take as its lodestar, “Is it good for Americans?” Who could disagree with that? Unless you were some kind of crazed zealot at The New York Times, where destroying the United States of America isn’t, as they say, a bug; it’s a feature. I mean, unless you just really hate the American people, and want to replace them.

“His speech was just shot through with that point,” she said, adding:

What I think has been driving a lot of sane people crazy, over the last few decades, is that when it comes to immigration – and nothing else – the entire solar system has to revolve around the poor illegal immigrant. It’s never around the poor American, whose job is taken, whose emergency rooms are overrun, whose kids can’t get jobs at McDonald’s because you have to be able to speak Spanish, whose kids’ schools don’t have money for the Christmas pageant this year because we’re spending all of our money on English-as-a-second-language classes.

She praised Trump for “the way he kept bringing it back to Americans.”

“The sanctuary cities, for example. Where was the sanctuary for Kate Steinle and the children and relatives of all those Angel Moms?” Coulter asked. “Oh, and let’s not forget, as I believe Breitbart pointed out yesterday, this is the first time the media has so much as shown the parents of children who have been horribly murdered by illegal aliens – only because Trump tricked them.”

She noted that in her book, she describes how “a lot of times Trump will do something, and I’ll think, at least at first, I’ll think, ‘I love him; wish he hadn’t done that.’ And I’ve learned to say, and tell my friends, ‘Just wait. Let’s see how this plays out. Let’s reconvene on this point next week.’”

“I think that’s what he did with this ‘softening,’” Coulter argued, saying the rash of stories about Trump “softening” his position on immigration had accomplished several major objectives:

For one thing, it showed to Trump, “Wow, what is the upside of this? All of my enemies now can also attack me for being a flip-flopper.” Which is what they did: “You see. Haha! We knew it all along: you can’t trust anything this guy says.” You had a week of that.

So whoever was pushing him into this on the campaign – you know, we’ve been reading about Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, Giuliani, Chris Christie, whoever’s bright idea it was to appeal to soccer moms by taking back the idea that you’d be deporting anyone – I think that person will not be listened to anymore because the grassroots responded, and the grassroots responded thunderously.

Point two, and the most important point, is Trump tricked every cable news station into covering his speech live, and the entire speech. And finally, even through the Angel Moms, we don’t have CNN cutting away.

Coulter noted that while the media have been outwardly confident of a Clinton victory and “sneering at Trump’s chances,” they’ve been “hysterical” since his Mexico trip.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said, adding:

I think we’re up against Satanic forces. … They didn’t know what to say, and what was funny about watching some of the responses is, they’re giving completely contradictory responses. Even on a single network that sets the standard in zealotry and anti-Trump hysteria, MSNBC, you’ll get one hour on “it was awful, it was dark, it was Hitlerian, I’m going to cry.” And then the next hour will be, “He’s softening. Hahaha! He took you guys, took you for a ride.”

“They haven’t gotten together to decide what the lie will be that they will push to attack what Trump is doing,” Coulter heckled the press. “Will it be softening, or is he Hitler?”

She said she never really bought the line that Trump was “softening” on immigration – at least, not after she saw the full interview that kicked off the softening narrative.

“The night my book came out, I was going on Hardball, and they passed me just that paragraph – the quote from the Hannity show, using all of the Gang of Eight lingo,” she recalled, going on to say:

I didn’t think so, but still, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to give it some constructive criticism because I don’t think saying things like that – it wasn’t so much that I thought he was softening, as that I thought he was being pushed into saying things that would please campaign consultants, and would not help him during the election. So he needed a little constructive criticism.

“Long before he ran for president – and this is an important point in In Trump We Trust – yeah, he made some mistakes here and there,” she conceded. “He’s not a politician. We like that about him. The one thing his life is shot through with is wanting to put Americans first and genuinely liking average workaday Americans, working-class Americans, patriotic Americans. He’s just a super-patriot.”

Coulter recalled Trump peppering the GOP with Twitter messages, warning that they were “committing suicide” and begging them to “think about the country” three years ago, when “Fox News and Marco Rubio were hysterically pushing amnesty in 2013.”

She said:

He does put America first, and simultaneously with that Hannity interview, where he was being pushed into it; he wasn’t the one coming up with those words. That’s what Hannity was asking about. Hannity was reverting to the Gang of Eight lingo, legerdemain, lies. It was more like that time Chris Matthews was badgering Trump to say there would be some form of punishment for a woman who has an abortion, and I thought Trump’s answer was great: “Yeah, there’s punishment for me if I double-park; give me a break here.” But still, it wasn’t like Trump held a press conference: “Women should be punished for having an abortion!” He was being pushed into it.

Marlow concluded the interview by asking Coulter what she thought of “Trump, the diplomat.”

“Oh, my gosh, that was amazing,” she replied. “When I got home that day, I tweeted out, I think he can skip the Phoenix speech, and just start planning his transition team. That was more what I was expecting from the convention.”

“I know everyone said it, but he did look presidential,” she continued. “He gets on a plane, flies straight down there. It reminds people he’s a billionaire because he’s a really good negotiator. Wouldn’t it be great to have this guy negotiating for us?


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