Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Trump Foreign Policy Speech Gave Specifics the Media ‘Accused Him of Being Incapable of’

Mark Makela/Getty Images

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Dr. Sebastian Gorka told Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow he thought Donald Trump’s speech in Philadelphia on Wednesday was more significant than the “dog and pony show” hosted by NBC News and MSNBC later that evening.

“If you really want to judge his national-security performance, or what he’s going to do, that was the meat on the bone of Trump’s performance, because he gave lots of details,” Gorka said.

“The really most important aspect of the Philly speech is, he was very clear about how, wherever you look around the world, the world is basically on fire. Whether it’s Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia’s behavior in Europe – leading from behind, the official Obama creation of a vacuum around the world, because of the vacuum of American leadership, has led to this chaotic situation we live in today,” he said.

“And then he just rattled through the numbers of, given that situation, how is it that the Army, the Air Force, the Navy is a fraction of what it used to be?” Gorka continued. “The fact that we have half the number of naval vessels that we did at the end of the Reagan Administration, the smaller size of the Marine Corps, on and on and on. He gave us what all the left-wing media have accused him of being incapable of doing, which is the actual information about what he sees as the problem and what he’s going to do about it.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is the senior National Security editor for Breitbart News, and author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.

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