Frank Gaffney: ‘So-Called Lone Wolves Turn Out to Be Known Wolves’ Again in New Jersey Jihad Attack

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is wanted in connection with a bombing in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 people

Center for Security Policy president, Frank Gaffney, talked about the latest terrorism developments on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Marlow asked Gaffney it was acceptable to begin referring to Chelsea bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami as a “jihadi” without causing fits among the “special snowflakes” of the liberal media, now that a notebook filled with his jihadi ravings has been revealed to the public.

“I think at this point, as long as you issue a trigger warning, you don’t have to worry about people’s safe spaces being violated,” Gaffney deadpanned. “So let’s call him a jihadist, yes.”

Marlow noted that Rahami’s own family members reported him as a terrorist to the FBI years ago, but nothing was done.

“This fits the profile now, of what we see again, and again, and again: the so-called lone wolves turn out to be known wolves – known by the FBI, in some cases known by local law enforcement folks, and so on.” said Gaffney.

He explained why so many of these known-wolf terrorists are missed:

I think what’s going on here, in part, Alex, is that we’ve got a law enforcement community that has been subjected to a degree of – well, political correctness is one term for it. I think what, unfortunately, our enemies see it as is submission.

We’re not allowed – our law enforcement personnel, our Department of Homeland Security personnel, our military personnel, our intelligence personnel – are not allowed to understand the jihad, let alone take steps to protect us against it. Therefore, they are reduced to sort of trying to clean up the battlefield after these attacks have taken place, and to acknowledge that, oh, yeah, they actually did know that guy, or they interviewed that guy, or they actually had him under surveillance for a time, but then it turned out he was in this category of protected people – that is to say, Islamic supremacists – that we’re not allowed to monitor in this fashion, we’re not allowed to be concerned about in this fashion because that’s regarded as insensitive or offensive to them.

This is the indictment of Hillary Clinton, as well as Barack Obama, I believe. She’s now throwing around, Alex, this term of “aid and comfort to the enemy.” Well, guess what? Hillary Clinton has been providing – and that’s the definition of treason, of course – Hillary Clinton has been providing aid and comfort to the enemy by precisely this kind of practice: emboldening the Muslim Brotherhood, for example, a group that is sworn to our destruction; and aiding the largest terrorism-sponsoring state in the world, $150 billion to Iran; and open borders; and the rest of it.

This is what we’re really up against, and this is what we need to be debating, in the remaining days of this election.

Gaffney rejected Clinton’s charge that Trump is “demonizing” immigrants or refugees. Instead, he said Trump is “making the eminently reasonable statement we don’t want to import more of these jihadists.”

“And most Americans, I think 80 percent of them, get that,” he continued. “What Hillary Clinton is trying to do is turn this into, somehow, aiding and abetting the enemy. Far from it. It’s trying to protect us against that enemy.”

Asked about the significance of Rahami’s wife leaving the United States before he launched his attack, Gaffney replied:

It seems as though – and I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, or anything – he was clearing the decks. He was doing the kinds of things some jihadists do: they warn their family members, they get them to clean out their bank accounts, they move them to some other country where they will be safe from, at least, interrogation – not that we do much of that any more in this country, at least without the permission of Muslim Brotherhood front groups, like the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“Did you know, Alex, that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, actually helped determine which people the FBI could interview in the Orlando massacre, and sat in on those interviews?” he said, adding:

I mean, this is the kind of crazy situation we’ve put ourselves into. And again, our enemies consider this not political correctness, not multiculturalism, not diversity, sensitivity – they think it is submission. And you know what that means, under the doctrine they follow of sharia? It means redouble the effort, as the Koran puts it, to make them feel subdued. So that actually means you’re going to get more violence out of these guys, not less.

Marlow quoted from the pages of Rahami’s notebook that “the plan is to attack the kuffar in their backyard and also go after the police.”

Gaffney said the only thing surprising about this notebook is that Rahami was carrying it on his person – and yet, “we’ve still got stories out of Mayor deBlasio, and the FBI, and others that there was no tie to terrorism here, ‘nothing to see here, folks; move along.’”

“This is what we’re dealing with, and it’s no wonder that the public is yearning for someone who’s going to tell them the truth about this – and, more to the point, protect them against it,” Gaffney declared. “I think that’s what Trump is setting up, is a sharp contrast with Hillary Clinton, and Heaven knows we need it.”

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