Curt Schilling: ‘Elizabeth Warren Is at Center of Everything That’s Wrong with American Politics’


Baseball legend Curt Schilling was a guest on Tuesday morning’s Breitbart News Daily a few minutes before the debut of his own Breitbart News Network program.

SiriusXM host Alex Marlow asked Schilling about his intention to oppose Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 election.

“Much like Hillary, she’s from the school of ‘he who is loudest, or she who is loudest, is right’ because she gets to yelling at the end of the thing, and basically it’s what the Left had tried to do, and continued to try to do, which is make the Right appear to be what it isn’t – make the Right appear to be exactly what they are, chastise it and act as if they don’t have anything to do with all of the things they’re saying,” said Schilling, after listening to a clip of Warren accusing Donald Trump of racism at a rally.

“Listen, nobody wants the things she’s talking about. And to characterize Donald Trump as calling different races of people those things is just – that’s being willfully ignorant, which the Left has tried to do and continued to do, as well,” he added. “Elizabeth Warren is at the center of everything that’s wrong with American politics.”

Marlow played another clip of Warren railing against Donald Trump for sexism and warned Schilling, “Curt, you might have a pristine past, but be prepared: you are gonna get ‘War on Womened’ when you run for Senate. Are you ready for that?”

“That is a Harvard education hard at work right there,” Schilling quipped about Warren. “It has to feel as stupid to say as to hear. None of it is even remotely true.”

“But you know, anyone held to the standards of every single word they’ve ever said, in public and out of public, would be in the same boat,” he said of Trump. “And I’m not advocating or condoning anything he said, but in the real world, people say and do things that they regret. To act as if you’re preaching from a place of perfection, especially if you’re Elizabeth Warren, is laughable at best, and it’s sad at worst.”

“As an American-Indian growing up in this country, she had a lot of hurdles to overcome,” he said, ribbing Warren about her infamous claims of Cherokee heritage.

With the Indians and Cubs set to play the first game in the World Series that night, Marlow asked Schilling if he was “triggered” by the Indians’ mascot, Chief Wahoo, which has been attacked by the forces of political correctness as racially insensitive.

“Not only am I not, but I’ve never met a Native American that is,” Schilling replied. “I’m still looking for that person. Again, another liberal cause; there was an actual court case in Canada during the ALCS, of Canadian citizens who clearly were triggered. None of them were actually Native Americans, but on Native Americans’ behalf, they were arguing that it’s offensive. You know, again, it is eyewash.”

“How about we talk about the thousands of California soldiers that are being forced to repay their enlistment bonuses?” he suggested. “That seems like an important thing to me. But no, let’s talk about this stupid stuff.”

Schilling went on to explain that story: “The Pentagon is now demanding money be returned from enlisted soldiers who were paid bonuses to stay in the Armed Forces. These are people that served potentially multiple combat tours. They’re being ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses. And if that isn’t gross enough, they’re being slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments, and tax liens if they refuse.”

“What the hell is going on? It should not be a task. It shouldn’t even be in the conversation,” he argued. “If we’re working as hard as we can work to provide housing, and food, and all the things illegal immigrants need, how on Earth would we be thinking about putting our soldiers – both former and current soldiers – in financial hardship? On what planet is that a realistic thing, other than this one?”

“The liberals are so intent on giving away free college, and at the same time, they want to tax and financially burden our troops,” he lamented. “And I don’t think there’s any irony to the fact that this is thousands of California soldiers. Jerry Brown and that whole schtick out there in California, to me, should have worn out its welcome a long time ago, but it certainly has at this point.”

On this and many other issues, Schilling said, “It comes down to the American voter being informed, and that’s one of the things, over the next couple of weeks before the election, that I’m dead set on trying to make happen in the two hours that I have with the public, is showing them the information.”

“A lot of the information is being buried, is being hidden, is being unreported because we have to talk about a tape that came out ten years ago. We have to talk about nasty comments made nine years ago. We’re not talking about the things that move the needle today,” he complained.

“Only Donald Trump is. In Gettysburg the other day, you heard him lay out a very specific plan of his first hundred days in office. I have heard nothing of the sort, other than rhetoric and – well, from Chief Hiawatha herself supporting Hillary, she comes out and says, ‘We don’t want, we don’t want, we don’t want’ – trying to character-assassinate somebody, when she has no character to start with,” he said, slipping in another jab at Senator Warren.

Schilling said on his own program that he wants “a caller-driven show, a voter-driven show.”

“I’m very interested in hearing from people that are on the fence. I’m very interested in hearing from people that are firmly in the camp of the most corrupt human being to ever run for politics because I can’t figure it out,” he said. “I need to hear from these people because on Twitter and on Facebook, there is a lot of really big keyboard muscles – people talking about me, saying things to me, yet not one of them has ever come up to me in public and said anything.”

Schilling professed to have little respect for such anonymous sniping, and no fear of speaking his own mind.

“I don’t have a problem voicing my opinion,” he said. “I have a Trump-Pence sticker on my truck. That’s almost like taking chances with your property now because of the Left’s ability or intent to A) riot at rallies or B) ruin property of people that support Trump.”

“I want to talk to people. I want to have conversations. I want to get informed. I want to be made smarter about subjects, and I want to try and help people become more informed about the subjects as we get to the election,” he declared.

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