Clinton Surrogate Guy L. Smith: New York Times Is ‘Right-Wing’

Richard Drew/AP Photo, BNN Edit

On Monday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, Hillary Clinton surrogate Guy L. Smith accused the New York Times of being a “right-wing media outlet” because it dared to break the story of the Uranium One deal, causing trouble for Mrs. Clinton in the process.

“Let’s talk about the uranium because that decision was made by 14 federal agencies,” Smith said. “One of the agencies was the State Department, but it was handled at the assistant secretary level. And the other talking point that you guys in the right-wing use is that the owner of the company that acquired the uranium extraction was involved. He had sold his interest a year before any decision was made.”

“It wasn’t made by Hillary Clinton. It was made by 14 federal agencies, in a completely transparent way,” he asserted.

When Smith claimed the Uranium One story had been “completely debunked,” Marlow pointed out that the New York Times does not seem to think so.

“Do you consider the New York Times to be a ‘right-wing outlet?’ Because the story was broken in the New York Times,” Marlow asked.

“Yeah,” Smith replied. “They are, sometimes. And you’re left-wing sometimes. You don’t like Hillary, but she espouses many of the things that you guys espouse. She really should be your candidate.” Smith was not, however, able to provide an example of policy agreement to back up this contention.

Smith also claimed, “If you read the whole article” in the Times, “what I just said is what it says.”

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