Robert Davi: Hollywood Is a Cesspit That Needs to Be Flushed


Actor, singer, and Breitbart News contributor Robert Davi dropped in on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily for what SiriusXM host Alex Marlow described as a “victory lap” after Donald Trump’s election win.

Davi described the election as a “cultural, emotional, spiritual shift.”

“It’s the soul of America,” he said. “It’s what I said, I think, June 16th, when I wrote the first article about Donald Trump, right after he gave his speech at Trump Tower, and he came down, and he announced that he was running. Everyone else thought it was, you know, either a joke or ridiculous or whatever that was – except a bunch of us. This is a battle for the soul of America, Alex – as you can see, even in terms of what’s happening now in the media, the attacks on Steve Bannon.”

Davi said it was “powerful and wonderful” to see Donald Trump’s presidency fulfilling Andrew’s “what’s happened, what the Democrats have done, they’ve gerrymandered the whole election process by breaking us down into special interests, unweaving the tapestry of E Pluribus Unum into this kind of separatist thing,” he said, tweaking the Democrats for their current obsession with gerrymandering as an alleged Republican tool for rigging elections.

“And then education, starting with Bill Ayers,” Davi continued. “The whole dictum of Bill Ayers in the sixties was bringing down every institution, meaning law enforcement. They were blowing them up at the time. Now what they’re doing is, they blew them up from inside.”

“The subversive infiltration that our youth has had is astounding. I’ve got five kids out there, Alex. I’ve seen how education has been indoctrinated over the last several decades. My twins that are 15 now, they go to private Catholic school, but still when they go to public school – my one son went to public school for a couple of years – it was astounding to me the indoctrination that they were receiving,” he said.

“We will lose this country. This was it. This was our shot,” Davi warned. “Now, I believe we have to attack education, not only the media again and expose them for what they are. I’m in Toronto right now because I have to do a concert Friday night, and they don’t have Fox at this hotel. They had just CNN. And I’m gonna tell you, I’m watching that news network – if I just had CNN, if I didn’t have Fox, you’d be so drugged into a kind of absolute brainwash, that they do one after another after another. Even their pundits that they have, to take the opposing side, are nice people, but their positioning, or the way that they combat the other announcers, is very weak.”

“So we’re having exactly what Andrew had said. We’re seeing that come to fruition now. It’s been exposed over the years. This is what we have to battle for,” he said.

Davi’s travels gave him reason to worry about America’s standing in the world and hope that Trump might be able to restore it.

“I was in Turkey just a couple of weeks ago. I gave a concert there for their Academy Awards,” he recalled. “They had a lot of American stars there. I was sitting at lunch, and they knew; they were hip. They knew that I was for Donald Trump. And a lot of these reporters were talking to me about it. Then they secretly said, ‘You know, we like Trump a lot; we’re for him, too.’ And they wrote a story that just came out two days ago in Turkey, three days ago, that was very favorable. But the odd part about it all is when Erdogan, when Turkey had the coup attempt, Trump has property there. People that worked on that property told me what a great guy he was.”

“This happened to me everywhere I traveled, in Germany and different places: Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Budapest. The worldview that Hollywood gives of how certain other countries perceive America is so biased. They’re not getting the real story,” he said.

In a recent column for Breitbart News, Davi discussed how Donald Trump can “revive Reagan’s informed American patriotism.” Marlow asked him to define that brand of patriotism and how America can get back to it.

“The final speech that Reagan gave America, when he left the White House, and the final point he wanted to make, was that he was worried that the new American patriotism that his administration, his eight years had engendered, and the feeling of that – in other words, all these Trump rallies, this America First feeling, for the first time we’ve had that in, I don’t know how many years, we’ve had a feeling that America can come back,” Davi said.

“That feeling is what Ronald Reagan left the country with,” he explained. “He said that he was worried that through education, are we doing enough in education around the dinner table, in our public discourse, in our culture? Will we continue to do enough to not be besieged by an American amnesia? Because we’ve been indoctrinated. The kids have been confused. Again I go back to, just look at the news on CNN, or MSNBC. It takes part of history, distorts it, and then lobotomizes or removes the other aspect that would balance it out. It’s almost like what radical Islam does. It’s another form of radical Islam, what the Left does, in a politicized way. It’s just the gutting out of a nation,” he contended.

“So how do we get back to that? Donald Trump has already started to do that. It’s amazing what the movement has done and what Breitbart has been doing over the years. That’s been an informed patriotism. Absolutely that. But then you’ve had other offshoots of that. I’m astounded that the Glenn Becks of the world, and the Dana Loeschs of the world, just because of their own prejudice – you see, the networks don’t even tell you Former This of That. They don’t give you a background on who’s speaking about what,” he complained.

“We have to get into education. If Newt Gingrich was – let’s put it this way – special adviser to education, and Newt Gingrich along with Donald Trump created a program of education from preschool on, of American history, American civics, to put back into our universities and to our schools – our high schools, our elementary schools – starting from preschool, so we can have this new informed patriotism,” Davi advised.

He compared the problem of mass immigration without assimilation to the ocean being contaminated by an oil spill, since the two fluids will not blend, but neither can they be easily separated.

“By not having an immigrant population assimilate into our nation, they can’t vote correctly. They can be indoctrinated and lied to,” he contended. “And that’s what’s happening to the youth. That’s why we have these riots, besides the ones that are being paid. It’s because these kids at an early age have been taught and have been indoctrinated. I call it the feminization of America. It’s not just a gender thing. It’s not just a male-female thing. I mean, the strength of America has been taken away because of this lack of American exceptionalism, that they just want to talk about warts and all.”

Davi recalled an eighth-grade orientation speech he attended with his daughter a decade ago at a “good private school,” in which a teacher made it sound as if the focus of the “warts and all” American history curriculum would be on the warts, and the teacher was very much looking forward to dwelling on them.

“I couldn’t hold myself back any longer,” he recalled. “I said, ‘Excuse me, when you say you’re going to look at America from all angles, and then warts and all, it’s like you prefaced that as if that was going to be the main thing.’ I says, ‘America is an exceptional nation.’ This is now eight or nine years ago with my daughter in school. And he said, ‘Well, well, well, what I meant was, we’re gonna take a look at this and that and the other thing.’ I can’t tell you how many parents came up to me and said quietly, ‘Thank you for speaking up because that got us concerned.’”

That’s what they’re doing in our education,” Davi warned. “It’s … concerted – make no mistake about it. It’s absolutely just the same thing they’re doing in media. Van Jones and these guys that are coming on these CNN shows with such a bias. They should have a tattoo on their foreheads, so this way, when someone speaks, we can see where they’re really coming from.”

Davi stressed that American culture was in need of repair, along with the education system: “Back in the day, you had TV that had family values. There was family values. Now we have the deconstruction of family values in popular culture. That’s what’s hip and easy. So they deconstruct family values, over and over again, and people are confused.”

Davi said many in Hollywood are not taking the election results well, citing Robert DeNiro’s outburst that Trump’s victory made him “feel like I did after 9/11,” and Bryan Cranston’s heated reaction to Election Day (although Cranston has reportedly changed his stance and now wishes Trump “success” at “unifying our wounded country”).

“And Bill Maher – I mean, look at this absurdity, look at this absolute absurdity. I did not agree at all with President Obama when he was elected. I did not agree philosophically, but I respectfully disagreed. I wrote about it on Breitbart. I wrote about it at the Hill. I met President Obama. I said, ‘God bless you, Mr. President.’ There was not one bit of vitriol or wanting to see him fail. I didn’t want to see him fail. These guys are calling for subversive action against our President-elect of the United States,” he said incredulously.

“They misread him since Day One, which was astounding,” Davi said of Hollywood. “And now, they’re attacking Steve Bannon. Now, they’ve got to find something to attack. It is such a cesspit. It’s a cesspit that needs to be flushed in some way because they’ve been indoctrinated. There is something so infecting, and what I think it is, Alex, they’re pure globalists, you see.”

He noted that Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin has purchased six major Hollywood studios, accelerating a globalist trend that benefits top Hollywood talent and financiers, but leaves the many lower-level people involved in film production out in the cold.

“He just bought Dick Clark productions. He already owns a lot of it. They’re building an $8 billion studio in China. Now, that’s all good for Bryan Cranston, and de Niro, and myself. They can hire me for a film, and I can fly there. But what about the key grips? What about them? What about the makeup artists? What about the transportation guys? What about the set builders? What about the dry cleaners, and the restaurateurs?” Davi asked.

“There are two big exports America had: wheat, and American entertainment, besides the car industry,” he observed. “So they’re globalists, you see? And all the studio heads and the directors, all the above-the-line guys, can go anywhere. They’re needed. They don’t give a red rat’s ass about the American worker.”

He said the Republicans were clearly becoming the party of the forgotten American worker, in what he described as an “amazing shift.”

“What Donald Trump has done is, he has just extended this whole Republican party. He’s rejuvenated the Republican Party. He’s given it a rebirth. Believe it,” said Davi. “I left the Republican Party. I became an independent, more than several years ago, because of the frustration. I had gone on Hannity many years ago, saying that both the Left and the Right have failed America. I wrote O’Reilly an email before 9/11 saying we need another Boston Tea Party because the frustration that I saw happening in our government, slowly, this incremental frog – put the frog in the pan and turn up the heat – no one had done anything. No one had said anything.”

He saw this frustration as the genesis of the Tea Party movement and saluted Andrew Breitbart as one of the few who saw and understood Americans’ growing disenchantment with their political class. However, the signs were there long ago, for those who cared to look, as Davi recalled reading a New York Times article about mass layoffs in the steel industry that “scared the hell” out of him because the laid-off workers were expected to deal with the loss of 25-year careers.

“And then my own dad lost his job after 20-something years, and he had to go do something else,” Davi recalled. “So I saw that firsthand. It started slow, the dissolvement of the American worker and our industries and everything leaving America, being sold, whatever it was. Globalism was on the march.”

“This, to me, is why these Hollywood types, they have no concern. They don’t see past their nose. They don’t see past their cultural little circle. They go to the fundraisers, and they can talk among themselves, and that’s the agenda,” he said. “I mean, George Lopez, all these guys coming out, saying these terrible things, instead of wanting to say, ‘Let’s make America great again. Let’s go together on this. This sounds exciting.’”

“We’ve got some fresh blood. We’ve got an energized human being. They’re just worried about not being able to continue the destruction of our nation because that’s what was happening. They were destroying our nation,” Davi charged.

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