Dr. Herb London: Why ‘the Forgotten Citizen’ Elected Donald Trump

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AP/Paul Sancya
Washington, DC

President of the London Center for Policy Research, Dr. Herb London, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday about what has been termed “the forgotten citizen.”

London also addressed the concept in a recent Washington Times piece, “The Discontent of ‘the Forgotten Citizen.'” London wrote, “Donald Trump’s success can be attributed to working class whites who once voted ritualistically for the Democratic Party. Now, they see themselves — quite appropriately — as a group estranged from politics and ignored by the so-called Washington establishment. Rather than accept the standard Republican gospel of free trade and deregulation, these newly adopted Republicans are eager to protect jobs and have Washington protect them.”

London said the thinking of the so-called “forgotten citizen” facing dwindling employment opportunities and sensing the collapse of traditional culture is that “he is angry and understandably resentful. He doesn’t understand what’s happened to him. He says Washington is concerned with Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community, concerned about all kinds of minority matters, and where people should urinate. But he says, ‘No one seems to care about me.'”

London attributed this to the rise of a nationalist populism in more and more countries across the globe and described the phenomena in detail.

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