Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Trump’s Cabinet: ‘After Eight Years of Pajama Boys, It’s Time for the Alpha Males’

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Breitbart News National Security editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, joined SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about the final act of the secretary of state drama, beginning with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s idea of working with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as a “dynamic duo” at the State Department.

Dr. Gorka said he has heard the idea of Bolton serving as Rohrabacher’s deputy secretary of state “floated by people who were involved with the Reagan administration, the pre-neocon establishment that so many people miss today.”

“So it’s not an isolated incident, and it’s a very interesting offer,” Gorka said. “I have no idea if the people on the 26th floor in Trump Tower are responding to it, but it’s intriguing.”

He thought some of the drama over the prolonged secretary of state selection process was a matter of “pushback” against Mitt Romney, when it seemed likely he would get the nod, but also due to “a realization that outside of the vice president, this is the most visible embodiment or representation of a presidency, the position of most senior diplomat.”

“As a result, I think they’ve come to the realization in Trump Tower there’s really no hurry,” he said. “If you compare the choice of principals, of cabinet members, chronologically to prior transition teams, the Trump transition team has done very, very well. They’re putting a lot of people in place much faster than Reagan or even Nixon did. So they’ve realized this is a really important one; let’s get it right. Who do we want to be the face of the administration outward to the rest of the world? And as a result, they just slightly enlarged the decision tree with some additional candidates. I, for one, am very glad they’ve done so.”

Gorka agreed with Kassam that the hand-wringing over Trump having too many generals in his cabinet was “a bunch of baloney.”

“I’d like to recognize the fact that after eight years of Pajama Boys, it’s time for the alpha males to come back,” he added. “How appropriate that we’ve got three Marines from the same division, legendary figures in uniform, to represent three of the key posts in the new administration! The fact is, having met Donald Trump a long time ago, and talking about national security issues, one of the first things that was clear to me from this businessman, this very special businessman, is that he understands we are at war, Raheem. He gets it. And he wants to win that war. He knows he’s not going to do it with limp-wristed Pajama Boys. Who better than a bunch of legendary Devil Dogs to do it? So yeah, it’s baloney, and it’s very cool in my opinion.”

Kassam turned to a discussion posted at The Gorka Briefing, in which Dr. Gorka argued that “Europe is collapsing.”

“I think it’s patently obvious that the Trump Train was the result, in part, a reflection of, the general rejection of centralized federative bureaucracy, and as a result, we have Brexit foreshadow the future of what used to be called Project Europe,” Gorka elucidated. “And the fact is, people are waking up. They’re rejecting faceless bureaucracy. We see it all across the continent. Brexit isn’t a uniquely British phenomena. As a result, we will see more and more people say, ‘Enough is enough. We want national sovereignty. We want national security most important of all.’ And as a result, I think Project Europe is on the ropes.”

Kassam countered that Europe is not the same thing as the European Union, and asked, “If the European Union collapses, does that necessarily mean that Europe, constituted of its nation-states, goes down with it – or will it actually be the reverse? Will it be a European resurgence if this happens?”

“It really depends upon all those politicians you mentioned, and whether their successors listen to the people,” Gorka replied. “Let’s just address this word ‘populism.’ A lot of people, that leaves a bad taste in their mouths. How about we talk about the resurgence of democracy? I’ve got a funny accent now, but I’m an American. Let me tell you, 1776 could be described as virulent populism, and you know what? I like it. So the idea that the popular vote, the populist sentiment, is recalibrating politics so that its focus is on the sovereign issues of that community – if you don’t like that, you’re a globalist, and if people aren’t voting for you, tough luck.”

Kassam brought up the growing criticism of Saudi Arabia for financing proxy wars across the Middle East and radical mosques in Europe. He saluted British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for speaking clearly on the issue, and asked, “Why do you think it’s so difficult for Number 10 Downing Street, and indeed your own State Department, to look Saudi Arabia in the eye and talk about these things?”

“I think it’s because we’ve forgotten, at least the last eight years here in America, how to do diplomacy,” Gorka replied. “We manufacture a narrative, and everything must protect the narrative. The narrative has been for far too long, if somebody says they are our allies, they are our ally, and we’re going to stand by that – as opposed to analyzing relationships in the cold light of day, as Mr. Johnson seems to be doing.”

“We have a problem here. We have to address it,” he continued. “And even if it’s not the Saudi government, it is clearly elements of it that are problematic, in terms of the support of the international Salafist movement. The disparity between narrative and reality, I think both of our nations have suffered from that for far too long. It’s time for a healthy dose of common sense.”

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