MRC’s Matt Philbin to Anti-Trump Media: ‘You’re Reaping What You Sowed’

Washington, DC

Matt Philbin, Media Research Center managing culture editor, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday to discuss media bias, calling the notion that the media are somehow being silenced “a load of hooey.”

“Nobody is silencing the press,” added Philbin. “Trump is refusing to take questions from some sources, and he’s openly berating some sources. This is not dictatorship. This is not the stuff of “1984. This is not the stuff of Cuba, which the Left loves, by the way.”

Philbin continued, “This is the stuff of a combative president who does everything differently, and he’s just not going to lay down for them.”

“The media’s been saying for years that the Right is hateful and racist and it must be shut down,” he added. “So the Right declares the press the opposition party, the enemy – and the press is aghast.”

“You’re reaping what you sowed now!” Philbin directed to the media.

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