Breitbart News Daily: RINO-care


On the Monday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam will continue our discussion of President Trump’s first 100 days.

We’ll also continue our discussion of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement bill, which is coming under intense criticism from all quarters and has been dubbed “Ryancare,” “Obamacare-Lite” and “RINO-care” by critics. Breitbart’s Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle will fill us in on the latest developments.

Breitbart’s legal editor Ken Klukowski will discuss the latest legal challenge to President Trump’s new executive order on immigration and travel from six terror-prone countries.

Breitbart’s senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak will discuss the media hypocrisy in covering the customary requests for the resignations of U.S. attorneys during the change of an administration.

We’ll also hear from Dan Gainor, the Vice President of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, about the latest mainstream media meltdowns.

Live from London, Rome, and Jerusalem, Breitbart correspondents will provide updates on the latest international news.

Breitbart News Daily is the first live, conservative radio enterprise to air seven days a week. SiriusXM Vice President for news and talk Dave Gorab called the show “the conservative news show of record.”

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