Melanie Morgan: Left Using Alinsky-Like Tactics to Destroy Hannity and Gorka Personally and Professionally

sebastian gorka
AP/Susan Walsh
Washington, DC

Melanie Morgan, co-founder of StoptheScalpings spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday regarding the liberal assault on Fox News and their #StandwithSean campaign defending Sean Hannity against leftists attacks.

Said Morgan, “They really would like to make sure that, not only is he fired from his job, but that he is completely eliminated and destroyed personally and professionally.”

“They’re using Saul Alinsky type tactics on people like Sean Hannity, on Monica Crowley, on Seb Gorka, on Bill O’Reilly…,” she continued. “This is happening over and over and over, again. It is a strategy. It’s advertiser boycotts, mainstream media hit pieces, it’s pressure on network management – all the terrible things that we hate and despise as conservatives, they use against us.”

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