David Bozell: Jeff Flake Is a ‘Look at Me’ Anti-Trump Non-Leader Who ‘Ripped Off’ Barry Goldwater’s Book Title

Jeff Flake with "I'm with Her" background

David Bozell, president of ForAmerica, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday regarding the Bozell family’s response to Sen. Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump book bearing the same name as the 1960 classic that L. Brent Bozell Jr., Bozell’s grandfather, ghost-wrote for Barry Goldwater, Conscience of a Conservative.

Bozell said, “Jeff Flake was a former president of the Goldwater Institute. The institute owns the rights to the book’s title, and he very secretively wrote what I guess some people are suggesting might be the sequel, which it’s not … and ripped off the book’s cover and the book’s title.”

“He wrote it in secret. He didn’t tell any of his staff,” Bozell continued, “which just goes to show you he is motivated by personal and financial gain. He is a go along, get along Republican, who is unremarkable in nearly every way. You cannot look at any issue which Jeff Flake has led on, whether it’s budget or education or energy or fiscal policy. Pick whatever your priority might be, ladies and gentlemen: Jeff Flake is not a leader for any of these issues.”

Added Bozell, “His Conservative Review score is “F” for Flake 53 percent.”

“He’s basically John Thune with a better tan,” said Bozell, adding, “Chuck Schumer said the other day, ‘I think he’s one of the finest people I’ve ever met in politics.'”

“His op-ed in Politico Magazine was so obviously written by an intern who has really no idea about the current political dynamic and the current political paradigm in which we live in today. It’s a fundamental example of the disconnect between the conservative movement and the upper echelon of the Republican Party, the leadership, in that the upper echelon of the leadership of the Republican Party thinks we’re never going to win unless we moderate and liberalize our views and open up to this big tent, paraphrasing their perspective.”

Bozell said that although Obama’s base was outnumbered by conservatives, he won twice because he had them “so fired up. And Trump understands that, as well,” he added.

“After about, I think, ten paragraphs of complaining about everything, except for him,” Bozell continued, “he blames conservatives, he blames the president, he blames Obama, he blames the Internet, talk radio. He even blames his leadership in some sort of backward way. And in the end, he says if we can just be Republicans and campaign on preserving the institution of the Senate and our prerogatives, including the filibuster … I dare Jeff Flake to go run for re-election and say, ‘If you elect me, I will go preserve Chuck Schumer’s right to filibuster.'”

“It makes no sense at all. It’s a recipe for electoral disaster, and it just goes to show you how far detached he is from where the base that put him into power is,” Bozell added.

Kelli Ward, who is challenging Flake in a primary, “is going to have to run the race of her life to defeat Jeff Flake,” Bozell said, adding, “Because he’s going to have money, he’s going to have Arizona institutions of politics. We’ve counted out guys like John McCain before, only to see him win re-election in a cakewalk. He’s underwater by about eight points. And just note for people from Arizona, you’ve got a senator who has not led on any of the important issues.”

“For a guy who claims to be a fiscal hawk, did he say one complimentary word about the president’s budget that was submitted a couple months ago? Did he try to fight for it in any way? Has he led on any of his committees?” mused Bozell.

Bozell said Flake’s approach is, “Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. I am positioning myself as an arbiter of all things Trump.

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